Why Couples Are Loving These Wedding Trends for Summer

Are you going to the chapel of love this summer? Or, perhaps a backyard, forest, or cruise of love? 

Many couples are opting for non-traditional wedding ceremonies and venues. No longer do weddings only take place in a church in front of a religious leader. In fact, many couples seek out friends and family members who are ordained to conduct the ceremony instead. 

And, with each wedding season, we see new wedding trends. What wedding trends are couples loving this summer? Read on to find out. 


1. Personalized Registries 

So, if you thought online registries were a great invention, just wait until you hear about personalized registries. Personalized registries go a step beyond traditional online registries. 

These registries request gifts that will offer the soon-to-be couple meaningful experiences. For example, a honey mood fund, a puppy fund, gym memberships, and amusement park passes.

2. Duel Entertainment

Many couples choose between a DJ and a live band. One is a classic, elegant choice whereas the other signals, “we’re here to party!”

In 2019, newlyweds are choosing both. This allows for some romance during the cocktail hour and first dance, and then everyone can really get down after the cake is served.

3. Memorable Scents

Our sense of smell is powerful. We can randomly smell something and instantly be reminded of a place we visited 15 years ago. 

Brides and grooms are harnessing the power of smell in 2019 by including it in their wedding planning. They are creating personalized scents which they can spray on their invitations, wedding programs, and at the reception. 

They’re also creating candles which guests can take home.

4. Intimate Vows

This year couples want their love to take center stage. And, since love is such an intimate experience, couples are honoring this by exchanging private vows. 

These vows take place before the ceremony between the couple. Other couples are whispering their vows to one another instead of broadcasting them to all their wedding guests.

5. Edgy Color Schemes

Soft, sweet, and vibrant have been trending the previous wedding seasons. But, this year, couples are going with edgier looks. 

They are pairing soft and sweet colors with darker palettes. For example, a blush pink paired with a dark grey and green. This creates a moody vibe which is somewhat similar to the vibe you get from a well-decorated medieval castle. 

6. Flower Power

You can’t have a wedding without flowers. But, why stop at just using flowers as decorations? This year soon-to-be couples are taking flower power a step further. 

They are wearing flowers on their big day as well. Expect to see brides wearing flowers as bracelets and armbands. You should also expect to see grooms wearing a boutonnière.

Would You Say ‘I Do’ to These Wedding Trends?

Do these wedding trends seem perfect for your wedding? Wedding trends come and go, but the memories of your big day are what matters most. 

Want to learn how to make your wedding day one to remember? Check out our other blog posts to learn more. 

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