Why Offer Gift Cards for Your Business?

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In 2017, 61% of internet users in America stated that they’d like to receive gift cards and certificates for Christmas.

So, there’s no doubt that these vouchers are a very popular gift choice. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re not as impersonal of a gift as cash, but they still give the receiver some freedom as to what they actually want to buy.

If you’re not doing it yet, now is definitely the time to find out just how beneficial it can be to sell gift cards for your business. Read on!

3 Reasons to Offer Gift Cards for Your Business

We’re sure you’ve bought gift cards before, whether it was as a last-minute gift or if you just didn’t know what to give someone for Secret Santa.

So you know how amazing they can be for the consumer.

And the following 3 reasons are enough to prove that they can be just as amazing for your business!

1. It’ll Increase Sales

If whoever gets your gift card had gotten cash instead, they could choose to spend it anywhere they wanted to. And chances are that they’d go somewhere they already know and love.

When people get a card for a specific store, they don’t really have much choice but to use it at that store.

This means that gift cards can be your way of reaching people you otherwise would probably not reach.

Plus, 70% of people spend more than the value of their card. In other words, you’ll be getting increased profits.

2. It’ll Boost Brand Awareness

Just like any other marketing strategy, your gift cards will help spread the word about your business.

More people will get the chance to find out about your brand and to look it up, even if they weren’t the ones who got the voucher. 

One thing that has the potential to take this benefit to a whole new level is the design of the card. Our suggestion is that you give it some thought, making sure you have a clean look that’s consistent with the rest of your branding and that you include your contact details and social media handles on there.

If you don’t know anything about design this might seem a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, with tools like Adobe Spark Post, you can easily create awesome vouchers in a matter of minutes.

3. It Can Be a Source of Useful Data

Nowadays, many gift cards require the person who got it to register online in order to use it.

By doing so, you can get relevant data that you can use for future campaigns, like their email or phone number. This is a great way of making sure you foster the relationships with the new clients you get from your vouchers.

Pro tip: don’t be greedy and ask people to give a lot of information. No one likes a giant form!

Think Strategically

Some brands have gift cards available for sale all year long.

That can be a good option since there’s always birthdays and special occasions going on. Plus, if you always have vouchers available, you don’t really need to work on a marketing plan for them. They become just like any other product.

However, you can choose to be strategic with your cards.

There are many seasons when gift voucher sales will peak, like Christmas or Mother’s Day, and you can take full advantage of gift cards for your business by putting out a whole campaign around them. Be creative!

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