Why You Have to Add for Your Customers and How To Do It

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You’ve heard the experts saying you have to add value to your product or service to gain a competitive edge and keep the customer satisfied.

We’re here to tell you why you have to add value for your customer and how that is going to impact managing the customer’s experience of your product or service. And how, in turn, that is likely to lead to an increase in sales.

Sales have changed a lot since the days of the door-to-door salesperson, but buyers’ perceptions of salespeople as “pushy” persists. This, according to a Hubspot Sales Perception Survey carried out in early 2016. That same survey also revealed that some 57% of buyers considered themselves less dependent on salespeople than they were 2–3 years before.

Fresh Perspectives

Added value is a nebulous term. Most often, it means doing things to make your customers’ experience better. Better than before, and better than the experience they could have by interacting with your competitors.

Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Focus on highlighting the benefits, rather than the features of your product or service. What those benefits are will depend on your target market. Customer profiling is one way to shift your focus to providing your customers with what they consider meaningful.

Surveys – Soliciting Feedback

Honest feedback by means of regular surveys will give you information directly from your customers. Information about your company, your brand, and your products.

Survey results present your company with the opportunity to deal with nitty-gritty issues as they arise. Doing so has a direct impact on improving company performance and customer experience (CX). 

For instance, some customers might complain that delivery times from your online store are too long. Or, there might be a peak in recent returns related to quality problems with your product. Without regular surveys, you might not catch this vital information soon enough.

For surveys as part of your standard practice, it is worth making a choice. Do you opt for a generic, free online survey tool, or do you take your product experience management (PXM) one step further by using integrated software to give you the reports you need to stay on top of your game?

Why You Have to Add Value for Your Customer

Keeping yourself attuned to your customers’ needs is more crucial than ever. Customers are sophisticated and becoming more specific about what they need from you. If you’re firing blanks into the dark, you will miss the mark, to the detriment of your sales volumes.

By providing added value for your customer, you’re making the experience of selling to them more pleasurable for you. And if you adopt a listening attitude, you’ll soon know if the experience of buying from you has met or exceeded your customers’ expectations!

Two-Way Street

There is one more reason why you have to add value for your customer by tailoring the purchasing of your product or service to their needs, thereby enhancing their experience. Post-purchase communication leads to unsolicited word-of-mouth referrals from customers, as well as positive online reviews, and ultimately, higher retention rates.

It’s like the butterfly effect, except in a business context. Isn’t it time you made a small beginning in the expectation of a very large outcome?


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