Winter Camping Tips for Staying Warm

Did you know that 86 million American households think of themselves as campers? If you’re looking to expand your camping repertoire or jump into the experience, you’ve got lots of company. And for a truly unique experience, try camping in winter.

Start preparing a packing list. Read on to learn about helpful winter camping suggestions for staying warm!

Bring Lots of Layers

When it comes to winter camping essentials, you can’t go wrong with layers of clothing. Start with a base layer that is close to your body to help keep in the heat. Then use a second layer, such as a snuggly shirt that can be removed if you feel hot.

Choose a down jacket, wool cardigan, or another outer layer that fits the temperature. When in doubt, outdoor gear experts can help you find the right options to stay warm. 

Just be sure to steer clear of cotton. If you start sweating, you’ll be stuck with moisture and feel cold!

Protect Your Gadgets

One of the lesser-known winter camping tips is to take care of your gadgets. If you’re bringing a phone or other devices, they can freeze in cold temperatures. You also want to avoid exposing them to moisture.

Your best bet is to keep them close when you sleep. Your core body heat will help to protect them from extreme temperatures. 

In the same vein, if you have sweaty clothing, keep them in your tent. That way, they can dry overnight while you sleep. 

Keep Eating

If you want to feel warmer, reach for a snack and drink. High-fat foods can help you feel satisfied and your body won’t burn the calories as quickly. 

Besides eating, focus on staying hydrated. You’ll feel more energetic plus your body will feel warmer. Bring some coffee grounds, too, so you can enjoy a cup of cowboy coffee in the morning. 

Create a Comfy Sleeping Situation

Regardless of the season, you’ll want a good night of sleep when camping. But during winter, the ground will be frozen. As a result, you’ll want to make room in your budget for some extra padding. 

Consider opting for two sleeping pads instead of one. Both can be foam, and both should have reflective material to help create more warmth. And, of course, use a sleeping bag and a featherweight quilt to stay extra toasty. 

Use a Vented Tent

It might sound like a confusing idea to let air into your tent when it’s cold outside. But leaving a little crack of ventilation in your tent can help the vapor from your breath escape.

This is an essential process because, otherwise, those vapor droplets will turn into ice. And when you wake up, you’ll be surrounded by icy fabric! 

Plan a Winter Camping Adventure 

When it comes to winter camping, staying toasty is the key to having a good time. Invest in layers of clothing and a bonus sleeping pad. Vent your tent and eat plenty of snacks throughout the day. 

For more camping tips, check back soon to find new and informative articles!


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