10 Amazing Benefits of Dancing for Kids

Is it the rhythm of your favorite song that gets you off the couch? Or is it the challenge of mastering the moves?

Regardless of your reason for dancing, the physical, emotional, and mental benefits are endless. Especially for kids. Check out these 10 amazing benefits of dancing for kids, and you’ll be ready to boogie on down with them.

Are you ready? Let’s dance it out!

1. Dance Like Your Doctors Watching

One of the most important benefits of dancing is heart health. Dancing is more than just a way for your kids to let off steam. The vigorous aerobic activity will strengthen their heart and improve their endurance, too.

All styles of dance, from breakdance to line dance, will challenge your kid’s heart rate. And over time, they will train their muscles to endure for longer periods without getting tired. This will increase their stamina.

Dance movements also increase body strength by forcing muscles to resist against the dancer’s body weight. For example, leaping high into the air or lifting someone up. This increased body strength, both inside and out, will help your child to be fit and healthy.

2. Stretch and Flex

Another one of the best health benefits of dancing is flexibility. During the warm-ups and training sessions, they will stretch their muscles to achieve a full range of motion. This can help to improve their posture and increase their balance and coordination.

This training will lead them to become more flexible in the long run. Which is important in helping them to stay fit and healthy right into their adult life. As many of the problems that come with old age begin from poor flexibility and balance.

3. Wiggle for Weight Loss

As dancing is an aerobic form of exercise, it can also help with weight loss. Obesity is a growing problem in the US with 1 in 5 school-age children affected by obesity.

Dancing is a fun way for your child to exercise, without them having to hit the tedious treadmill. Dancing can also make them feel tired which can lead to a better nights sleep. Their eating habits may also improve as they start to see positive changes in their body too.

4. Gross Motor Skills for Little Ones

You may think dancing only benefits older kids. But young children dancing to music has its benefits too. Even when your little one has only recently learned to walk, dancing can help to improve their gross motor skills.

Use kids dance music to help your children move large muscles in their body. Dance movements, such as rocking from side to side, and swaying and flapping arms, can refine their gross motor skills.

5. Boogie on for a Brain Boost

Dance challenges your body AND brain. In fact, as your child is trying to remember the moves and steps, their brain will be working overtime. This means dancing is just as much a brain exercise as it is a body exercise.

According to studies, the areas of the brain that control memory and organizational skills can improve with dancing. This will boost their ability to think, plan, and organize things in the future.

6. Social Butterflies

Dancing is a social activity and therefore builds up communication skills. With endorphins running high, everyone busting moves will feel good about themselves. This boost in self-confidence will make it easier for your child to reach out and make new friends.

Whether they dance with a partner or a group, kids will also learn valuable teamwork skills. Working towards a common goal alongside other dancers is a great way to build up team spirit.

If your child is naturally shy, dance classes can help to reduce their anxiety about meeting new people. It can also help them to get over their fear of performing in front of a crowd.

7. Mood-Enhancing Dancing for Kids

As well as all the physical health benefits of dancing, there are also many mental health benefits. Depression is unfortunately common with young children and teenagers. And it affects many areas of their life.

Giving your kids the freedom to let loose and dance away their worries, can reduce stress. This decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression. These positive vibes may result in increased energy, motivation, and concentration in school.

8. Dance to Develop Life Skills

Another one of the health benefits of dance are the life skills children can learn. Becoming a dancer needs practice, focus, motivation, resilience, and discipline. They will also see how their diligent hard work pays off with concrete results during dance recitals and performances.

Children will use these “dance” skills in many other areas of their life. In fact, they will need these skills as they grow up and head into the big wide world. As they won’t have Mom and Dad to protect them forever!

9. Comfortable in Their Own Skin

Another one of the amazing benefits of dancing is a boost in self-confidence. As kids adjust their body to the required movements and postures, they will get a better sense of their body. This will help them to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

On top of a boost in self-esteem, dance can also help children to be proud of their culture and background. They can explore their cultural identity through styles of dance from around the world.

10. Dance into the Future

And, who knows? Your little dancer might have a secret talent. Dancing when they’re young may lead them to a future in performing arts.

If they want to take their dancing to the next level, this program can improve their skills.

Keep Calm, and Dance On!

It’s clear to see that dancing for kids isn’t all about playtime. It does wonders for their body and mind. But even if you’re a “big kid” the health benefits of dancing can do wonders for you too!

Isn’t the human body a curious and wonderful thing? To keep your body healthy and happy, check out the “Health and Wellness” section of this blog for more tips and hacks.

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