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How to Make Money Gambling: Your Complete Guide

We are led to think that gambling is a game of chance and that you have no say over the outcome. It would seem therefore that people asking how to make money gambling are barking up the wrong tree.

Whilst it is true gambling or even profitable football betting cannot guarantee you a huge payout, in fact, there are loads of legal ways to alter the terms of the game you are playing. This might increase the amount you stand to lose but increase your chances of winning or visa-versa. 

Gambling is everywhere today, even in video games. Here are some tactics for how to gamble and make money.

Betting the House to Double Your Money

One of the more confusing ways casinos can put you in a tricky position is by asking you to double your money via a coin toss once the initial game you’ve played is over. 

Imagine you were hard at work on the slot machines and you had managed to win $100, a big sum. To up the stakes, the machine will often ask you if you want to keep your earnings or want to be in with the chance of doubling them for a simple coin toss. If you lose you walk away with nothing.

On a straight coin toss, your odds of winning are a solid 50% or 1 in 2. Either you win or you lose. If you are offered this then it’s worth considering to take up the opportunity or not.

However, if you are offered a bigger prize: perhaps the chance to triple your money for winning 3 coin tosses in the row, forget it. The chance to win $300 might be tempting but the chances of winning are very slim. They are not simply 1 in 3 as you have to win all three coin toss.  

How to Make Money Gambling? Fund Your Gambling with Gift Cards

Spending money on gambling can often feel difficult. Never gamble money you can’t afford to lose is the old adage. However, one way to resolve this is to spend money from gift cards. 

If a family member has given you a gift card for somewhere like Starbucks – and you don’t drink or don’t enjoy coffee – or you’ve been given Amazon vouchers it is possible to change these into cash.

There are certain websites which will allow you to trade them in. You might have had some vouchers sitting around for months that you have forgotten about.

Spending the cash you get from the gift cards on gambling sites such as Unibet Canada is a way of being able to spend money without feeling guilty, particularly if you are a football gambler. If you reason that you never had the money in the first place and weren’t going to spend it any way it can make it easier to take higher risks and this might pay off.

Gambling Can Be Fun

Like anything, gambling is best done in moderation. Whilst there is a reason Las Vegas is the top destination for a last-minute getaway – gambling can be glamorous and fun – it can stop being entertaining if you stand to lose something significant like your home or your car.

If you want to know how to make money gambling or include profitable football betting be sure to establish what the risks are on each bet and don’t be taken in by the chance to win big money when the odds could be quite low.

Also, be sure to think of ways to fund your gambling that are sustainable and don’t rely on you losing big money.

By using the money you have lying around that you have collected – such as gift cards or spare change – you can feel more willing to go for a calculated risk and might win big. This is because you don’t really feel you’ve lost anything. 

If you want to learn more about gambling be sure to check out the gambling articles in our curious section. 

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