10 Best Gifts for Women: Get Them What They Want but Won’t Ask For

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Women often have a reputation for being hard to figure out. This can definitely make gift-giving for a spouse a bit difficult. Finding just the right thing could even become stressful─ especially if you wait the last minute.

However, you don’t have to guess anymore or give generic gifts for someone that has it all. Check out this guide on 10 of the best gifts for women that your loved one will appreciate.

1. Fragrances

There are many women who you immediately recognize by their aroma. They typically call this their “signature smell”. If your spouse or significant other has one of these and is running low then it might be a good idea to restock something they use so frequently. 

If she doesn’t have any regular favorites yet, you may be able to open her up to some options. Gift a few that might match her style.

2. Mini-Vacation Getaway

One of the best gifts for women is a change of scenery. Many women work hard day in and day out on their careers and homes. A mini-getaway is just the thing she needs to refresh and revitalize.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can settle for a weekend escapade to somewhere that’s within driving distance but far enough away for her to feel like she’s actually on vacation.

Although couples trips are great, also consider gifting her with a solo-trip or maybe something that includes her closest group of friends.

3. Customized Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most classic and best gifts for women that you can offer. If the woman in your life loves to wear unique or luxury pieces, try to look for something that she doesn’t already have.

One way you can achieve this is by getting her customized jewelry. This includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. with special messages and statements engraved into them. Adding that personal touch to your gifts for wife, mother, or anyone else makes it something even more cherishable.

4. Supplies/Equipment for Hobbies

If you want to truly show someone that you love them, it’s important to pay attention to the things that they are interested in and passionate about. This also offers you a great opportunity to find things that would make good gifts.

Think about what types of hobbies your loved one enjoys. Is she into yoga or knitting? Does she paint or like culinary arts?

Once you’ve figured out what they love, go out and find gifts that relate to their passions. For instance, if she is an avid book reader then you may want to gift her a new bookshelf or reading light.

Get creative and show that you pay close attention to them.

5. Long-Lasting Flowers

Flowers have been one of the best gifts for women for decades. They are traditional and romantic. However, there are some new innovations to this vintage present that can make it even more appealing.

Long-lasting flowers are bouquets that can last up to a year. They’re elegant, beautiful and allow a special gift to spend more time with the one you love. 

6. Cosmetic Organizers

Some women love a quick daily eye-liner and lipstick. Then there are other women that truly love makeup as an art. The latter usually has tons of products that she uses to create amazing looks.

The problem that typically occurs is where and how to store all of her precious (often expensive) cosmetic items. Finding uniquely functional beauty supply organizers can be the answer to any makeup enthusiast’s prayers.

Consider the space she has to work with and buy an organizer depending on this factor.

7. Spa Day

Giving the gift of relaxation is one of the most irreplaceable feelings. Sometimes women forget to pamper themselves and practice self-care because they put other things or people first. This is the perfect way to help her get back to putting herself first.

A spa day certificate can help her to unwind, relieve stress and replenish her energy. It’s also a great time for you to take care of some of the daily responsibilities that she usually does. Coming home to a completed to-do list is the icing on the cake to a day of peace and serenity.

8. Wine Glasses

A nice glass of wine is a part of wind-down rituals for many women. Gifting a charming set of wine glasses is perfect for the person that lives by this rule after a long day. 

There are plenty of modern styled glasses with fun, cute quotes and phrases printed on them for a more personalized effect. If all else fails, go with a classic glass made with high quality.

Adding a bottle of wine in with it wouldn’t hurt either!

9. Romantic Quality Time

One of the best gifts for women that most people overlook is the fact that plenty of women love to be cherished and shown attention. The perfect way to do this is to give her your time. 

You can show your partner that you care by carefully planning some time just for the two of you for a romantic day, evening or night. Think about things you can do such as having an outdoor picnic on the beach, cooking dinner for her or staying in to cuddle during a movie.

This gift is the most affordable and comes straight from the heart. Remember to be creative and even add some elements of surprise to get her even more excited.

10. Shopping Trip

There’s a myth that says ‘women love to shop’. Well, this isn’t entirely false. Many women absolutely crave the occasional retail therapy.

If you know your significant other enjoy this, try giving her some cards to her favorite store to sponsor a “shopping day trip”. This allows her to get the things she really wants while still receiving something from you.

Try These Best Gifts for Women Ideas

If you’re looking for the best gifts for women then look no further. Taking some notes from this guide can help you make your love very happy. Remember that at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts so be creative.

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