The Best Viking Gifts for the Absolute Viking Addict in Your Life

The year’s nearly over, we’ve all survived COVID-19, and now you’ve got to think of what to give the special fuzzballs in your life for Christmas, birthdays, or the end of the world.

So why not make it a bit more interesting, and get them something to do with the Vikings?

If they’re history buffs or just like their computer games, they’ll appreciate a bit of Scandinavian culture, particularly from the Viking Age. Here’s our guide to the best Viking gifts.

A Handcrafted Viking Sword

Nothing will surpass the surprise of a handcrafted Viking Sword. Impress them with a distinct piece of history, created using only traditional techniques and high-quality materials.

To make the gift even more meaningful, include a certificate of authenticity that documents the sword’s special history. The recipient of this gift will be amazed at the intricate and detailed craftsmanship.

It is impressed by the strength and durability of the blade. Accompanying the Viking sword should be some other engaging and meaningful gifts such as a shield, custom helmet, a small trinket of Viking jewelry, or a coffee table book on Viking culture and history. These small gifts will help to create an impressive display that will be hard to beat!

Thor Hammer for your Norse God Fan

A Thor hammer is the perfect gift – it symbolizes the might of the Norse god Thor himself and is sure to make your Viking lover beam with excitement. Not to mention, Thor hammers make a great conversation starter and look excellent.

This is when placed in any home decor. If you’re feeling extra generous, pick up a matching Thor chain or bracelet as well. You can find Thor hammers at any local Scandinavian store or online.

A Viking Drinking Horn

A Viking drinking horn is an ideal gift for the Viking addict in your life. This unique item is perfect for stress relief after a long day, offering a rustic setting for any beverage of their choice.

It is beautifully designed with intricate carvings on its surface and is remarkably durable, allowing it to last for many years. The drinking horn is also well-insulated, trapping heat and keeping the beverage of their choice warm for longer.

A Viking-Inspired Mjolnir Necklace

If you know someone who is obsessed with Vikings or Norse mythology, you can show them how much you care by gifting them a Viking-inspired Mjolnir Necklace.

This unique jewelry piece is crafted from solid metal and is adorned with a hammer-shaped charm. The hammer is an iconic symbol of the Vikings and is sure to remind the recipient of their favorite culture.

It also makes a great conversation starter for any of their friends or family members who may also be Viking enthusiasts. This necklace is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that the special Viking enthusiast in your life is sure to appreciate and treasure.

Explore the Best Viking Gifts

A Vikings gift is the perfect way to show someone in your life how much you appreciate their love of Nordic culture. From warrior accessories to handmade home pieces and everything in between, any Viking addict would love to receive a thoughtful gift.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and personalize the best Viking gift for the absolute Viking addict in your life – they deserve it! Shop the best Viking gifts for him and her now!

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