10 Creative Cannabis Business Ideas to Help You Get Started

Around two-thirds of Americans favor cannabis legalization, proof our nation loves getting stoned.

And because we’re amidst the Green Rush, it makes sense that you want to cash-in on the blossoming cannabis industry.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur but you’re stumped for cannabis business ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite top 10 cannabis business ideas.

1. Cannabis Delivery 

One fool-proof cannabis business plan is providing a cannabis delivery service. 

To do this, you must know how to safely transport cannabis and maintain the perfect temperature so it stays fresh.

Or, create an on-the-go cannabis business. Find out everything a cannabis enthusiast needs so they can get stoned on the road. You can sell a kit with everything available and market them to recreational users or medical marijuana patients.

To make a big profit, grow cannabis if you have space and a license to grow. It’s a long process but the efforts pay off and you can spoil your friends with high-quality smoke whenever. You could also create a line of excellent grow products including LED lighting and special soil to help growers produce the best quality bud.

2. Build an App

Calling all cannabis-loving coders!

Capitalize on cannabis’s popularity by developing an app filled with growing tips, games, and useful cannabis-related content. Free apps with in-app purchases are a fantastic option or try low-cost weed apps.

3. Cannabis Accessories

For your cannabis hemp business, consider selling accessories alongside cannabis products.

You can sell water pipes, ashtrays, hand pipes, and rolling papers. Experiment by creating your own smoking paraphernalia. It’ll take plenty of trial and error, but when you produce eye-catching products, customers will follow.

You should also consider well-crafted cannabis packaging design to promote your products and establish yourself in the industry. 

4. Sell Edibles

Research has found that 44% of Americans prefer consuming edibles. 

If you adore baking and want to start a cannabis business, offer baking seminars with recipes that incorporate cannabis oil. For instance, brownies, gummies, and muffins are easy to make and sell quickly.

You should sell your edibles, ebooks, and post video tutorials on your website. Or, host cooking classes to teach cannabis entrepreneurs how to create cannabis butter and other fantastic recipes.

5. Cannabis Consultant 

When starting a cannabis business, consider your skills. For instance, cannabis laws differ from state-to-state and it’s confusing for entrepreneurs trying to break into the industry.

If you have the knowledge, act as a cannabis advisor and guide entrepreneurs through the ever-changing laws. Plus, many entrepreneurs may not know about various strains or processing techniques so you can aid them.

6. Social Media Marketing 

An excellent online cannabis business venture is social media marketing.

Like the previous point, flex your skills to promote small cannabis businesses online.

Speak to owners that produce or sell cannabis-based products and prove you can reach new customers via social media marketing. Plus, you can use content marketing to educate potential customers on the medicinal value and benefits of cannabis to encourage others to try it.

7. Launch a Line of Cannabis Beauty Products and Clothes

Alongside edibles, CBD and cannabis-based beauty products are popular. Lotions, mascaras, and lip balms are fun to produce and easy to sell online.

You could also create cannabis-themed apparel so people can express their love for weed. Design t-shirts, jackets, pins, socks, and other items featuring the beloved plant and earn money in the process.

8. Create a 420 Website

Building a 420 website is an excellent way to offer information to smokers with products, services, and information. It’s easy and affordable to start a website and eventually earn commission through advertising and affiliate links.

Create a cannabis-based podcast to gain new listeners and fans. You don’t need high-tech gear to begin, and if you teach consumers more about cannabis, you’ll create a large fanbase in no time.

You can also post reviews as new cannabis strains are created daily. Many consumers turn to reviews for an honest opinion and once you prove you’re a credible source, this could be you. Contact a local magazine so you can get started and use their platform to reach consumers in this field.

9. Become a Cannabis Florist

A cannabis florist adds a unique touch to a regular bouquet of flowers, perfect for the pothead in your life. Many florists have discovered that adding bud to a bouquet is a lucrative and rewarding venture.

You can send a cannabis bouquet as an incredible birthday gift, a get well soon present, or as a celebration.

10. Host Cannabis Tours and Parties

Eleven states have legalized cannabis for recreational use, and if you live in one of those states, why not take visitors on a cannabis tour?

You can include dispensaries in the area, bars, clubs, and other places that are cannabis-friendly. Consider hosting parties as people are starting to feature cannabis at weddings, reunions, and birthday bashes.

Help others plan cannabis-based events or host your own where guests can buy tickets for an exciting evening. For instance, host matchmaking parties for singles or hire a band for a gig while everyone gets stoned. 

Or, if you have a property, rent it out as a 420-friendly Airbnb option in states where cannabis is legal. Many travelers want to find somewhere to smoke so offer them a relaxing place to stay where they can enjoy cannabis in a safe environment.

Those Are the Best Cannabis Business Ideas

Now you know the 10 best cannabis business ideas whether you’re an entrepreneur or a newbie.

Consider your current skillset and apply it to the cannabis industry. For instance, graphic designers can create eye-catching cannabis merchandise while cooking enthusiasts should whip up their own edibles.

But most importantly, have fun during the process of finding your chosen cannabis field. Good luck!

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