9 CBD Flower Benefits You Need to Know

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The popularity of marijuana has soared over the last decade given broader acceptance from political bodies. While cannabis plants still have a long way to go when it comes to being fully embraced by the public, CBD seems to be ahead of the curve.

For those that aren’t familiar with CBD or CBD flower benefits, CBD is a cannabinoid that makes up about 40% of a cannabis plant’s extract. What’s special about it is that it carries many of the health effects people attribute to marijuana without the legal implications.

Below, we go over all the advantages one can enjoy by purchasing and using CBD flowers which you can find at marijuana dispensaries.

1. Feelings of Calm

When you smoke a CBD flower, much like when you smoke marijuana, you may notice a feeling of calm wash over you. The reason why we like CBD’s calm better than marijuana’s calm is because CBD calm, in our experience, comes with more frequency than marijuana calm.

Marijuana calm may not occur since several users report occasional issues with marijuana flowers creating feelings of anxiety upon application.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

One of the most popular applications for CBD is to reduce inflammation. This benefit is why doctors prescribe CBD topicals for arthritis.

If you’re experiencing pain from inflammation anywhere in your body, you can smoke your CBD flower to find some relief from that discomfort. Your flower can also be pressed into oils or made into gels which you can rub over affected parts of your body to find relief.

Note that skin absorption of CBD can take longer to be effective than other means of use.

3. Reduced Anxiety

Nervous people have flocked towards CBD products because they experience less frequent bouts with anxiety with CBD’s help. Look no further than eCommerce sites like Amazon to find oils CBD flowers have been pressed into which users can let soak under their tongue to experience immediate relief from anxious tendencies.

Clinical studies have identified CBD as being among the most effective, natural methods people can use that have been diagnosed anxiety disorders.

4. Relief of Depression

One of the effects we’ve heard people describe to us when assessing CBD flower benefits is the quieting of their minds. This sense of peace is similar to what one might find when practicing mindfulness or transcendental meditation.

With the calming of one’s mind, tendencies to ruminate on problems or failures slow and users can focus more on the present. That can lead to a substantial downturn in bouts with depression which could save lives.

While serious conditions of depression should be discussed with a qualified physician, if you’re looking for a natural, alternative medicine to help you find relief from sadness, CBD may be able to help.

5. Assistance With Migraines

Migraines are debilitating headaches that millions of Americans experience. They can be worsened by exposure to light and loud noises.

CBD is an effective means of quelling several migraine-related symptoms without the need to turn to traditional pharmaceuticals which carry more side-effect potential.

CBD’s migraine relieving potential may lie in its anti-inflammatory properties which could have a positive impact on the brain. The sense of calm it brings could also be helpful as less mental activity can help individuals more quickly recover from headaches.

6. A Step Away From Substance Abuse

CBD is considered to be a safe, health-conscious substance that people can enjoy for a variety of needs. Because of that, addiction counselors much prefer to see the people they work with using CBD flower products versus using illegal and destructive street drugs.

Several people have found the ability to transition away from harmful addictions with the help of CBD. CBD serves as an excellent transition device seeing as how it can bring senses of peace to people that may be harboring emotional traumas which may have powered their past addictions.

7. It’s Cheaper Than Marijuana

For those of you using marijuana to enjoy its health benefits, we don’t have to tell you that it can be an expensive luxury. The price of marijuana is largely tied to its large recreational appeal, a problem that CBD does not have.

Because of that, you’ll find a CBD flower selling for much less at a dispensary than a marijuana flower.

8. Wider Legality

Despite marijuana being legal on a state level across many parts of the country, the drug remains illegal on a federal level. Because of that, being caught with marijuana when enjoying air travel or when driving across state borders could result in severe consequences.

Products that leverage CBD flowers exclusively are more widely accepted and are therefore safer to rely on.

9. No Recreational High

Lovers of CBD are usually looking for benefits without having to harbor a recreational high. This is exactly what CBD specializes in providing.

That means being able to use CBD flower products and having the ability to hit the road for a long drive or head into work.

The CBD Flower Benefits We’ve Shared Just Scratch the Surface

Talk to 100 people that love CBD and they’ll share with you 100 different CBD flower benefits that they can’t live without. All of that to say that you may very well discover other benefits from using CBD products that we haven’t covered on our list!

If you think CBD flower products could be beneficial for you, consult a physician that is knowledgeable on the plant and can ensure that preexisting conditions you have won’t create consumption issues.

For those of you that would like to learn more about CBD / hemp flower benefits, consider browsing more of our content on the subject in our blog!


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