10 Ingenious Ways to Make Weight Loss Fun

weight loss games

Every single year, around 45 million Americans go on a diet.

But, many of us fail to keep up with this new way of life and begin piling the pounds back on.

It’s no wonder that around two-thirds of the country is overweight or obese. Weight loss is boring!

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make weight loss a little more interesting and make sure you don’t fall off the wagon. Let’s take a look at some weight loss games to try out.

1. Try out Hundreds of Exercises and Games

Firstly, many of us are traumatized due to sports teachers who forced us to exercise as children. Who really enjoys being shouted at to RUN on the football field? No-one.

If you’re still stuck in the mindset of thinking that the only exercise is to run, then you need to shake it up!

There are hundreds of great cardio methods which can help you lose weight. In fact, walking, believe it or not, can burn fat quickly.

Some great weight loss games include basketball, football, and soccer. But, if you’re not a team player, why not try:

  • Pilates or yoga
  • Hiking
  • HIIT – (short intensive interval training can do miracles for your health!)
  • Hitting the gym (find a personal trainer for optimal results)
  • Swimming
  • Jump rope
  • Climbing
  • Rowing
  • Sprinting

If you’re still not loving any of these forms of exercise after having tried them all, then it’s time to switch it up even further…

2. Join Fun Classes or Summer Camps to Motivate Yourself!

Exercise classes and camps can be seriously motivating. If you commit to just one class per week, you’ll likely start feeling those endorphins hit and sign up for more.

Better yet, you’ll also have the benefit of seeing and speaking with other people on their weight-loss journey.

Furthermore, you won’t be in charge of the workout. This is incredibly motivating as you can lose yourself in the routine without worrying whether you’re doing it right.

Why not join:

If you’re feeling the benefits of exercising in a group, then why not join more classes which aren’t exercise based? For example:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Slimming World
  • Cooking classes

Classes are a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Choose a cooking class which teaches you how to make vegetarian, vegan, Indian or Thai food.

You’ll likely meet interesting people in the process, learn a new skill and be on your way to exercising and eating better!

3. Find a Friend to Join You & Start a Competition

Feeling to nervous to join classes alone right now? Then build your confidence up by going with a friend.

If you find that classes aren’t for you, then try doing something alone with your friend. For example, go swimming or running once a week.

Doing exercise with a friend can ensure it doesn’t feel like a chore but like a fun socializing event!

To add some incentive, why not start a competition? For example, whoever loses the most weight that month is treated to a (healthy) lunch out.

4. Find New Recipes You Love

Part of the reason many of us pile on the pounds is that we have no imagination when it comes to cooking.

But, make sure you do your food shopping and cooking when you’re not starving so you’re likely to make better choices.

There are hundreds of websites online with recipes which are cheap, quick and easy to make. For example, BBC Good Food is a great resource.

5. Prep Your Meals in Advance

If you don’t enjoy cooking your meals straight after working all day, then make sure to prep in advance!

Why not cook a huge curry or pasta sauce on a Sunday? You can then portion this out into Tupperware and freeze it.

Before you go to work, pull out one of your frozen boxes and leave it to defrost. Then, when you get home from work, throw on some rice or pasta, and within ten minutes, you’ll have a hearty meal in front of you!

6. Go on an Adventure!

As so many of us drive everywhere, getting to know our neighborhood is often something we forget to do.

One weekend, instead of taking your car, why not go on a long walk? Take a friend, a backpack with water and food, and venture out!

If your local area isn’t fun to explore, then take public transport to a large park. By getting out and not relying on a car, we’re more likely to use our legs.

Plus, who knows what will end up happening!

7. Take a Friend’s Dog for a Walk

We can learn a lot from our furry friends, from how to live in the moment to the joy of running about in open fields!

Before you go out and get your own dog, consider: is there someone in your local community who could use some help with theirs?

Perhaps a single parent who always has their hands full or an elderly neighbor who can’t get out as much anymore?

If so, why not offer to take the dog out for a walk! Not only will you be helping out a neighbor you’ll also be able to witness the joy that dogs feel on walks. Hopefully, some of this joy will rub off on you too!

8. Volunteer in Your Local Community

If you find that you get a buzz from helping your neighbor with their dog, then why not look out for regular volunteering work?

Exercise hugely benefits our mental health and so does helping people, so why not mix the two? Look out for opportunities such as:

  • Gardening
  • Small building projects
  • Festivals in the local community

You might be surprised to find that gardening can burn between 200 and 600 calories per hour! Meanwhile, helping the community is priceless!

9. Get Your Groove on and Dance the Night Away

Who says you’re too old to go dancing? No one! Grab your dancing shoes, find out where your favorite band is playing and head on over.

Dancing can burn up to 450 calories per hour. Of course, if you’re into the music and really get those hips swinging, you could burn even more.

10. Go on Dates and Find Someone to Hop into Bed with

This final suggestion may sound a little silly. But, if you’re having sex regularly, you’re actually losing up to 100 calories per session.

Better yet, dating a new partner is great motivation to help you lose weight. Who doesn’t want to look their best for a lover?

Furthermore, actually falling in love might help you lose weight too. Who’d have thought it?

(But, be wary – when you’re feeling comfortable and loved up, you may pile on the pounds again!)

Weight Loss Games are Everywhere

Bring out your inner child and learn how to make exercise fun again. By doing this, you’ll find that weight loss games are everywhere.

But, always make sure you warm up before you get going to avoid a risk of injury! Learn about the best warm-up routines.

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