The 12 Things To Remember If You Want To Be Truly Happy

“Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search time for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.”

~ Albert Einstein

What is happiness? A state we want to be in forever, throughout our life. If you keep on observing, every goal of our life is somewhat leading us towards happiness. Obviously, happiness varies from person to person depending upon the perceptions and beliefs, but in the end, the ultimate achievement is happiness, undoubtedly.

In our previous articles, we emphasized on the fact that every day of our life is spent in learning. So why don’t we go for something, that’ll lead us to happiness, that’ll help us keep ourselves satisfied and pleased, that’ll contribute towards our cheeriness and joviality. It is advisable for you all to avoid negativities and start looking for optimism and hope.

Happiness, in actual, is really very significant. Although most of us take it for granted, but honestly speaking, being happy isn’t just beneficial mentally, but also affects positively to your health status. This is why most of the psychologists and physicians recommend people to stay as much happy as they can. Health is wealth so remember! Wealth should never be compromised at any cost.

For the purpose to stay happy, all you need to do is to look for optimism. Only hopefulness and confidence will take you the paths of happiness. But the question arises then, where can we find optimism? Here are the 12 of some of the things that will guide you towards true happiness. These phrases are filled with ultimate hope and aspiration neglecting all the negativities and distractions from the environment. Below mentioned are the things that you should remember if you want yourself to be truly happy.

Let’s Find Out 12 Things That Can Make You Truly Happy

Never Dwell On The Past

Stand in the present and plan for the future. Don’t think of the past and never regret for what you’ve done. Left behind whatever has happened and MOVE ON!!

Never Focus On What’s Missing; Look At What You Actually Have.

Always thank God for whatever you have and never complain about what you don’t have. Be thankful for your possessions. This doesn’t mean to stop working hard, but it means to stay happy with what you’ve and look for what you want in a positive way.

Never Stop Improving Yourself.

Areas of improvements are always there. Therefore, never ever think you’re perfect; it means there’s another fault. So always try to improve yourself, it won’t lower down your self-respect at all.

Never Lose A Sense Of Purpose In What You Are Doing.

Stay focused! Never let yourself distracted and try not to lose the purpose for what you’re existing. What is the difference between living and non-living things? The difference between living and existing respectively. So, don’t be a non-living thing!

Never Treat Your Body Badly.

Your body is a blessing of God. Never compromise on its safety and security. Always try to keep it healthy and safe and never treat it badly if you ever think of doing such a stupid thing to your body.

Never Compare Yourself To Other People.

The comparison is the thief of joy. Never let anything steal your happiness. Keep your joy safe and secure and prevent it from the robber called “comparison”. It won’t let you take a breath of relief.

Never Blame Others For Your Own Failures.

You’re responsible for every single act of yours. Don’t ever blame others for your failures and negligence. It’ll seem like you’re not strong enough to accept your mistakes and as a result, you’ll prove yourself as a fragile person.

Never Tame Your Curiosity.

When feeling curious, you should never control yours. Let it come out and force you to explore what your mind wants you to do. Know what you’ve not known yet!

Never Stop Meeting New People.

Everyone in your life is for a purpose, for a change. So welcome new people in your life and don’t stop yourself from meeting new people. Expand your experience as much as you can.

Never Stop Living Life To The Fullest.

Enjoy each and every moment of your life. Life is uncertain and you never know what the future brings for you so fill every moment of your life with pleasure, enjoyment and excitement.

Never Forget To Smile.

A smile is a key to success. So never forget to smile especially when it’s hard to even think of smile. A single smile can give hundreds of hopes to you, I bet!

Never Be Afraid Of Being Alone.

Fear won’t let you live happily for sure. So try not to be afraid ever especially never be afraid of being alone. Make good friends and if you think it’s hard to find, then it’s better to stay alone. Albert Einstein said, “Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search time for the truth.”


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