3 Key Tips for Transitioning Into a Senior Care Center

Are you caring for an elderly loved one? Does your loved one need more care than you’re able to give them, and you’re wondering what your options are?

There are over 28,000 assisted living communities in the US today. That’s a lot to choose from, and you might be feeling overwhelmed.

Moving into a senior facility is a significant life transition. Here’s a guide to 3 key steps for moving into a senior care center.

1. Take Time to Choose Your Senior Care Center

Senior care homes are not all the same. Some offer independent living in a private apartment with a kitchen. Residents have the option to take their meals in a communal dining room, and they can use shared social spaces and organized activities.

Arrange a seniors meeting with the care center and bring your loved one along. Listen to their concerns and find ways to support them during this change.

An assisted living facility offers more support than an independent living community. You may prefer a senior center that provides both under the same roof. If your loved one needs a bit more help in future years, they won’t have to move again.

Memory care facilities have secured living with full-time staff specializing in caring for people with dementia. They offer therapeutic programs to support memory enhancement and counseling for families. Nursing homes focus more on medical care for patients who require more help.

Some facilities provide transitional care for people moving from one care setting to another. They are usually short-term stays, offering rehabilitation, therapy, and counseling in addition to other supports as required.

2. Make the New Home Feel Like Home

It always takes a while for a new place to feel like home. Surrounding your loved ones with familiar items from their home will help them settle into their new residence.

It’s hard to leave your personal belongings behind at once, so a gradual decluttering or downsizing can help ease their transition. Over time they will narrow down their prized possessions to the few items they appreciate the most. 

 You will appreciate personal touches such as a favorite chair, some family photos, and a well-loved quilt. Decorate the door of their room to show their personality. 

3. Enjoy the Activities

A great way to connect with others is to join an activity that you enjoy. Many senior care centers offer fitness programs and outings for more active seniors. There are games rooms and art classes where you can meet new people while participating in something you enjoy.

When someone ages in their own home, they often become more isolated as it becomes difficult to get out and participate in activities in the community. At a senior care facility, it’s easy to get involved.

Make the Transition With Confidence

You can move with confidence when you know the key steps to transition into a senior care center. Becoming aware of what to expect is a big part of coping with the changes to come.

If you enjoyed learning about transitioning to senior living, we have more senior care tips on our blog’s Health and Wellness area. Check it out today!


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