Top 3 Big Benefits of Using Instagram Direct Messaging

Did you know that Instagram has an estimated 1.41 billion users? 70% of those users are 35 years old or younger. 

As a result of booming social media sites and a greater number of people shopping online, more companies are turning to social selling as a key sales strategy. Instagram generated around 24 billion dollars of revenue in 2020. If you’d like to boost your social media presence and take advantage of the pools of customers waiting to be contacted, consider using Instagram direct messaging. 

Read the following tips if you’d like to learn how to leverage Instagram messaging in your favor and hone your social selling strategy for Instagram. 

1. Enhance Customer Relationships

A person has to trust you and your company if you expect to see them back again. The Instagram DM gives you an avenue to build trust with customers and enhance your relationship.

Personalized Messages

Instead of posting a picture to your Instagram feed thanking your customers, you can use an Instagram DM to get personal. Messaging on Instagram is the perfect place to send a holiday greeting, a coupon, or any other personalized message. 

Customer Service

You may encounter a negative review or an unhappy customer on Instagram. Swiftly using Instagram direct messaging to try to rectify the situation builds client rapport and increases the likelihood that person will return as a customer.  

2. Boost Professional Network 

No longer need you attend boring office functions to rub shoulders with potential connections. Now you can boost your professional network from the comfort of your couch. 


Getting an influencer on your side can increase the reach of your pitch and increase profits. Before sending an Instagram DM, engage with the influencer’s profile. If you have not interacted with a person at all and then send them a DM, it will get lost in the “Other” message inbox category. 

Company Collaborations

One of the best Instagram messaging tips is to use direct messages as a tool to connect with potential collaborators. Using the platform and messaging function together allows for more seamless introductions and interactions. When you find a page or user you love, engage with the page and then head to the DMs to start a new working relationship. 

3. Sales Venue

The more engagement through likes you have, the more people will see your Instagram posts. The more people that see your posts, the greater sales you can expect to see. Use online tools like those found at to gather more people to your Instagram page. 

Once you have people there, the Instagram Direct messaging can be the place people bid on items, or where they organize payment for items you are selling. Stay up-to-date on your Instagram messages so you never miss out on a potential sale. 

The Power of Instagram Direct Messaging!

Truly, Instagram direct messaging is an underrated remote sales tool. Work to incorporate these three tips into your social selling strategy to see your revenue climb like the number of messages growing in your inbox. 

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