4 Amazing Cruise Destinations You May Not Have Heard Of

Taking a cruise is an activity that is on many people’s bucket lists. It’s a chance to live in luxury for a few days, all while witnessing the beauty of the oceans and enjoying occasional trips into foreign lands.

The problem is that cruises almost seem like a niche activity. Unless you want to go to the Caribbean or the Philippines, or another group of islands, it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of variety.

The truth is though, there are some lesser-known cruise destinations that can provide just as much joy as the more popular ones. We’ll talk more about some of them in the paragraphs below.

1. Alaska

Alaska is the largest state in the US, and is home to some of the largest stretches of wilderness in the country. You can do everything from whale-watching to exploring Denali–the tallest mountain in North America.

In addition to museums and historical buildings, you’ll also find plenty of wildlife parks. There are also a whole host of attractions dedicated to the First Nations’ peoples who still inhabit much of the area.

2. Singapore

An island near Malaysia isn’t what first comes to your mind when you think of a cruise, but Singapore is incredible. It’s home to a range of different activities, from riding on a ferris wheel in the middle of the city, to visiting a zoo in the middle of the night.

This zoo allows you to see pangolins, fishing cats, elephants, and more. The night element is necessary since most of these animals are nocturnal.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s also the city itself and the amazing cuisine there.

3. Brazil

There are a lot of amazing things to see in Brazil, including the famous Cristo Redentor. There are also plenty of scenic beaches, and other destinations as well.

Maybe you want to go to La Lapa, which is replete with celebrations and music. Plus, there’s plenty of great places to shop.

The place is also home to some amazing food, from a range of seafood dishes, to burgers, and even baked goods.

4. Mediterranean Sea

While we’re on the subject of history, why not cruise the Mediterranean. It’s another body of water steeped in tradition. Whether you want to see Italy, Greece, or even Spain, these are the cruises to go on.

You can witness it all on the Mediterranean cruise of your dreams. This cruise allows you to see everything from the city of Pompeii to the various historical sites and museum of Mykonos.

Keep in mind that there are several separate cruises dedicated to different areas in the Mediterranean, from Greece, to Italy, and even Southwest Europe. It’s all up to you what to see.

Unique Cruise Destinations You Have to See

There are so many amazing and unique cruise destinations out there, far more than the tropical places we always hear about.

We’ve mentioned just a few of these amazing cruises above, but there are more out there. Feel free to explore more if you’re interested.

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