4 Creative Wall Display Ideas That’ll Refresh Your Space

It’s been a long year stuck inside for all of us. You’ve probably been staring at the same walls for hours on end for months now so why not freshen things up?

Whether you want to find all-new art display ideas or rearrange what you already have in your home, there are plenty of options out there for any space.

Read on now to discover some cool new photo display ideas for walls that you won’t get tired of!

1. Creative Hanging Methods

One of the easiest ways to play around with your wall display is by exploring some creative hanging methods. There are lots of options out there depending on what kind of space you have.

Photo strings can look great in any room and are adjustable to the amount of space that you have. You can also get creative with how you orient your art, whether you orient them in a straight line or perhaps create a large, mural-like shape on your wall.

We’ll also see how these creative hanging methods can make it easier for you to change things up later on if you so desire.

2. Photo Collages!

A super fun and easy way to fill your space is by making your own photo collage. You can make your photo collage as big or as small as you want and use plenty of personal photos.

You can even use this Walgreens photo coupon to print out more pictures for your home. This is a great opportunity to use those pictures of family and friends that have been sitting on your device unused.

3. Play With Color and Medium

If you really want to get creative, don’t be afraid to mess with different kinds of mediums in your wall display. You can mix up your display with photos and prints as well as paintings or sketches. You can even do them yourself or with your family if you’re up for the challenge!

Along with this, you could also play around with colors in your space. Black and white can look especially bold but you could explore any color of the rainbow (or all of them!) 

4. Mix It Up!

Chances are, you’ll probably find yourself back in this position in a few months, once again tired of the display you have so carefully arranged.

Why not make it a bit easier on your future self and make it super easy to rearrange your display later? There are lots of easy ways to make your display even more customizable, from corkboards to easy-to-remove hanging clips. 

Get Creative With Your Photo Display Ideas for Walls! 

Creating new photo display ideas for walls is a super easy and fun way to fall back in love with your space. You could also use it as a fun craft project to do with your friends, with your kids, or all by yourself.

Keep exploring our blog for more fun photo display ideas!

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