4 Luxury Appliances That Are Surprisingly Affordable

luxury appliances

Spending a fortune to get luxury is not a requirement these days. Companies are constantly coming out with amazing, affordable products that are just as luxurious as their expensive counterparts. In fact, luxury appliances are probably less expensive than you think!

Stainless steel is a common factor in many luxury appliances. It’s sleek, clean look is kitchen perfect. It doesn’t hurt that it ages well, too! Although there are expensive stainless steel appliances out there, you can find a ton for affordable prices.

If you’re looking to glam up your kitchen and delve into affordable luxury appliances keep reading! Stainless steel won’t be the only thing you’ll be adding to your to-buy list.

1. Kitchen Aid Stainless Steel Mixer

Kitchen Aid is arguably the best kitchen mixer brand. Their retro design is inviting and timeless, and their stainless steel construction guarantees that you’ll be loving your mixer for years to come.

They have recently launched a color stainless steel collection, so if you’re not into the silver, you can browse their other color options. The mixer is incredibly easy to use and clean since the bowl and all the internal parts are stainless steel. It’s definitely money well spent and will instantly make your kitchen look more luxurious.

2. A Lux LG Dishwasher

Few things can ruin your kitchen’s aesthetic more than a disheveled, 70’s dishwasher. People rarely consider upgrading their dishwashers, opting to get newer microwaves or refrigerators instead. However, a luxurious dishwasher can instantly make your kitchen pop.

LG appliances are amazing all around, but their LG LDF5545ST dishwasher takes the cake. It is approximately half the price of other, comparable dishwashers, making it a great deal. It has adjustable racks and foldable components for all your customization dreams.

3. A Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung has been topping the charts with their newest line of smart refrigerators. For instance, their Family Hub refrigerator comes fully equipped with a tablet! The french doors on most of their refrigerators are easy to use and perfect for organization.

Additionally, their four-door flex system brings food down to waist level, making it easy to survey what you have and what you don’t. No more buying doubles!

4. A Jenn-Air Wall Oven

Jenn-Air is a brand that consistently puts out affordable but luxurious products out on the market. They were the first to place menu options on their appliances, catering food production to a customer’s specific needs.

Today, their wall ovens are incredibly popular for their convection technology, which cooks food more evenly and 20% faster than regular ovens. This will not only save you time but will also save you some cash on your next electricity bill!

Wrapping Up

Luxury appliances don’t have to break the bank. Searching for the right brands and the right types of products can make your kitchen look like a million bucks for a small fraction of that cost. Focusing on stainless steel, smart appliances, and sleek designs are the way to go.

If you’re a curious human on the hunt for other lists, tips and tricks, or top products, don’t hesitate to check us out!

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