5 Amazing Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

cbd oil for cats

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil for short, is rapidly rising in popularity as a home remedy to alleviate the effects of many different ailments for both humans and their pets; but, what exactly is CBD oil?

CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant that has seen use in the treatment of pain, nausea, anxiety, and even cancer and arthritis in humans.

But these advantages can also be extended to your four-legged-friends!

Many concerns go through our minds when trying a new supplement for our cats. Will this supplement have the desired effect? Will my cat experience any discomfort? And, most importantly, is this product safe and tested?

Here are 5 great health benefits of CBD oil for cats.

1. Help Your Cat Fight Cancer

Has your precious cat been diagnosed with the ‘c’ word? It may seem that this diagnosis is the end of the world, but just as your cat has been there for you, it is time now more than ever to be there for them.

Your veterinarian will probably prescribe surgery or prescription medications and there expected to be some side effects to all types of treatment options just as with humans, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Skin irritation or inflammation
  • Damage to membranes
  • Nerve or spine injury
  • Overall pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infections

Luckily, CBD oil for cats can help your pets’ appetite, anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures, pain and many more negative side effects that cancer treatments can cause to your fur baby.

2. CBD Oil and Arthritis

Researchers have discovered that the active compound in cannabis plants are proving to help the pain in arthritis and the other countless symptoms that come with the disease such as inflammation and stiffness.

Many veterinarians aren’t allowed to prescribe CBD oil for cats, so instead, they prescribe other medications that aren’t natural.

Medications that they do prescribe such as NSAID’s and steroids can both have a negative effect if used for a prolonged amount of time, and sometimes if these medications stop working it can cause arthritis to come back worse than before.

When it comes to arthritis you want your animal’s pain to be managed in a safe way that will not cause him even more harm or pain. That is why CBD oil for cats is now the path owners are beginning to take in replace of medications like NSAID’s and steroids.

3. Pain Killer

Studies indicate that anandamide, which reduces pain signals into the pet’s brain can temporarily get stopped by CBD from being absorbed.

An increase in anandamide translates to reduced pain sensations, making CBD for cats with cancer very effective.

4. Perfect Anticonvulsant

Just like in humans, CBD’s renowned ability to control tremors, spasms, seizures, and tics in cancer affected cats are amazing. With Charlotte Figi’s epilepsy story that made a global headline in 2013, CBD became known as a natural anticonvulsant.

5. Anti-Inflammatory

According to NCBI, CBD interacts with receptors found in the immune cells, causing anti-inflammatory effects.

Cancer attacks the immune system of the sick cat and causes chronic inflammation associated with conditions such as irritable bowel diseases. CBD oil from this site works to manage such conditions and reduces pain.

Try CBD Oil For Cats

It is important to remember that while CBD oil for cats can supplement your pets’ health when used regularly, it is not regulated by the FDA.

This makes it of the utmost importance to research any product you intend to use on your cat to ensure their safety and health.

CBD oil is widely used by many pet owners and its safety and effects have become apparent to many, but it is important to choose the right product.

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