5 Awesome Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Technology is a great way to connect with other people. Ironically though, the more technologically advanced our world gets the lonelier we feel. Society is becoming more and more individualistic as compared to that of our ancestors which was more community-oriented.

In the past, people were often surrounded by family and friends. Activities like farming required input from one’s community hence people were forced to interact and work together.

Modern society is unfortunately structured in such a way that people do not physically need each other. Many people don’t even speak with their next-door neighbors. It is therefore very easy for one to start feeling lonely, especially if they live alone.

If you are struggling with isolation, then keep reading for 5 easy things you can do to get rid of feeling lonely.  

What Is Loneliness?

Many people assume that feeling lonely only occurs when you are physically alone. However, you can feel alone even within a huge crowd of people. Loneliness is a feeling of despair caused by social isolation or a lack of meaningful connections with other people.

Human beings are social creatures therefore they need frequent interactions as well as deep connections with others to thrive. Loneliness is perceived differently by each person. So some people might be very happy to spend long periods alone whereas others may have a large group of friends and frequent social engagements yet still feel lonely.

As long as an individual’s needs aren’t being met by the quantity and quality of their social network, they will feel lonely.

What To Do When You Are Feeling Lonely

Loneliness can make you feel depressed and anxious making it harder for you to interact socially with other people. There isn’t a single method that can cure everyone’s loneliness. Some people may feel better after playing cards with a group of friends whereas others may need a deep conversation with a loved one.

It is important to know your own emotional needs and how to satisfy them. Below are some creative tips that you can use to combat any feelings of isolation.

Take Advantage of Opportunities To Interact With Others 

Loneliness, depression, and anxiety can cause you to feel anxious and lethargic about going out and conversing with other people. However, force yourself to do so to charge your social battery. 

Instead of ordering in your shopping go out and buy items from a physical store or supermarket. Instead of ordering food, go out and eat at the restaurant. In doing so you will make some small talk with the cashiers, shop assistants, and waiters.

These small interactions may seem insignificant however they will reduce the amount of loneliness you feel and give you the strength and confidence to go out for bigger social engagements.

Join A Local Social Group

Another way to reduce your loneliness is to be an active member of a community group that has regular physical meetings. There are many different social groups on the internet, and you are sure to find one that matches your interest. 

Try things like running groups, chess groups, parenting groups, etc. Websites like Facebook and are great for searching for local groups that you could join. Your local church or community center may also have regular meetup meetings that you could join.

These groups are usually very welcoming and patient with members as many people are experiencing the same feelings of loneliness. Joining a group that focuses on something you are passionate about will also make attending such meetings easier. If you’re looking for more of a romantic connection, check out these five tips.

Become A Volunteer

The best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to help others that are in worse situations than yourself. For example, many elderly people or those that are sick in the hospital are usually very lonely. Visiting them would make their day as well as yours. 

Becoming a volunteer worker is an excellent way to combat loneliness. Not only will you interact with other people, but you will also improve your self-esteem by learning new skills. You will also make a difference in other people’s lives and this will greatly increase your feelings of happiness.

Search online for charitable organizations that are doing work that you can support and ask them if they need volunteers.

Get A Dog

Dogs are excellent pets to own if you want to overcome feelings of loneliness. They are very loving, loyal animals that shower their owners with unconditional affection. They are also very active and need to be taken out for a daily walk which helps to get their owners out of the house. 

It is very easy to start a conversation with strangers when you have a dog. This is because other people will pet the dog and ask you about its breed, age, etc. You can also start conversations with other dog owners that you come across.

Dogs are easily trained to be support animals to assist humans with various physical and emotional disabilities.

Learn Something New

Another way you can combat loneliness is by joining a class for a topic you find interesting. This can be anything from a post-graduate course at your local university to a yoga class at your local gym. Classes are a great way to make new friends due to the discussions and activities that you are forced to do while in class. 

You often have to do group assignments for homework which means you may meet outside class. Some classes also form social groups whereby you end up going for drinks with your classmates on certain days. Aside from preventing loneliness, joining a class will teach you a new skill.

You Can Overcome Loneliness

Feeling lonely is something all of us experience at some point in our lives. However, following some of the above tips will keep you from getting depressed and help you create a loving circle of friends to spend time with.

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