Sprichst du Hotel: The 8 Best Hotels in Germany

In 2017, there were about 459.6 million tourists that visited Germany. 

There are so many attractions and sights to see in Germany, so you should join the millions of people traveling to the country to experience it for yourself. 

Germany is full of unique places to see and stay. Find out which are the best hotels in Germany before booking your next trip!

1. Michelberger Hotel

If you want to stay in one of the trendiest hotels, you can stay at the Michelberger Hotel. This hotel combines a hip atmosphere with a modern look without breaking your bank account.

The rooms are rustic, wooden, and contemporary style. They are incredibly spacious, and there are different room sizes to be able to accommodate each guest. 

While they have affordable rooms, they also have expensive suites if you have a little bit more money to spend and want to treat yourself.

There is a restaurant in the hotel that can serve up affordable organic cuisine as well. If you want to meet other guests who are like-minded, you can mingle with them at the bar or the restaurant. 

2. Eastern Comfort

The Eastern Comfort is on the shore of the Spree River, making it Berlin’s only hostel located on the water.

This hotel is between the Friedrichshain and the Kreuzberg district. This makes the hotel a great location to explore contemporary clubs, bars, and galleries that are only a short walk away.

There is also the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall that is a short distance from the hotel as well.

This hotel offers all kinds of accommodations on two ships that are near each other. The cabins each have private bathrooms, but there are community showers.

It’s affordable, starting at 19 euros a night. However, the prices can go up to 44 euros per night.

3. Raddison Blu Hotel

The highlight of this hotel is the large aquarium that is the lobby. The aquarium is 80 feet tall, making this hotel a unique one that stands out from the rest. This aquarium is known as the AquaDom.

Aside from the aquarium, the rooms come in all different kinds of choices. The rooms offer plenty of space and luxury for you to enjoy your vacation in Germany.

There is a restaurant on site, but the hotel is also within walking distance to some of the attractions nearby, like the Berlin Cathedral, the Pergamon Museum, and the Berlin Mall Memorial.

4. Alcatraz Hotel

While this hotel may look like you’re staying in a prison, your accommodations will be much nicer than an actual prison.

This hotel has a modern prison theme, with cell block rooms that have prison bars on them.

Not all of the rooms are the stereotypical prison cells with a thin, cot bed. In fact, rooms here can cost a minimum of 39 euros a night.

To make your prison stay even more comfortable, you can also enjoy an included continental breakfast.

5. Castle Sababurg

Have you ever wanted to have a fantasy vacation and stay in a castle? In Germany, you can.

Castle Sababurg is also known as Dornröschenschloss, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. This castle was also the inspiration for the game Enchanted Forest.

This castle used to act as a hunting lodge for German nobility, but since the ’50s, the castle has been refurbished and turned into a hotel for guests who want a unique experience.

Now you can live out your own fairy tale in this romantic castle.

There is a café’ on-site, and there are also theatrical performances that take place throughout the day.

If you wanted to visit another famous castle, the Neuschwanstein Castle, you should check out this Hotel Neuschwanstein

6. Romantik Hotel Markusturm

If you are looking for some original medieval architecture in Germany, you should stay at the Romantik Hotel Markusturm.

The city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria is a unique place in Germany, and this hotel is actually a historic landmark.

The hotel itself was built in the 1200s and was a lodge for over 500 years.

If you want to travel back to medieval times, definitely book a night or two at this hotel.

7. Henri Hotel

The Henri Hotel is actually inside of an office building, and you’d have no idea that it’s actually there.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice the ‘50s feel blended with contemporary.

This hotel has 65 available rooms and suites that are fully equipped and decorated with vintage décor.

Make sure you take advantage of the relaxing spa and sauna that are located on the 7th floor.

8. Castle Hotel Liebenstein

The Castle Hotel Liebenstein overlooks the Rhine River, making it another beautiful castle to stay in.

Years ago, this castle was the site of many feuds between brothers who lived here, which adds more drama to the history and location of this hotel.

There is a large wall that divides the center of the castle, and now it’s a family-run hotel.

This castle is decorated like it’s still in Medieval times, but it offers stunning views. It’s located on a UNESCO World Heritage site, which means that you can really immerse yourself in history while you stay at this hotel.

Stay in the Best Hotels in Germany Today

These are some of the best hotels in Germany that you can stay in.

If any of them interest you, make sure you book your reservation today because they can fill up really fast.

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