5 Benefits of Studying at an International Boarding School

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Did you know: around 95% of international boarding school students report being ‘very satisfied’ with their academic experiences. This is much higher than the satisfaction rates for private and public school students.

For parents who have the means to afford it, an international boarding school should be a serious consideration. But what are the main benefits of studying in this environment?

In this article, we’ll cover the main advantages children have when studying at an international boarding school. Keep reading to find out!

1. Higher Quality Teaching

The education your child will receive is well-worth the international boarding school cost. The teachers employed at international boarding schools tend to be the very best in the field.

Boarding schools build on their wealth of experience in teaching and education. This allows them to provide the best possible settings for their students. For example, this reputable boarding school has an average class size of eight students.

High-quality teachers, resources, and motivated students come together perfectly. They form an excellent environment for learning.

2. Promotes Independence

One of the major international boarding school benefits is that they encourage children to be independent. Being in a different country makes children self-reliant and dynamic individuals.

Children at international boarding schools are often more mature than students at other schools. 

3. Access to Other Cultures

Many international boarding schools in Europe attract students from all over the world. This means students are able to get to know cultures from every corner of the planet. This is a wonderful means of expanding their horizons. It also opens their eyes to many different backgrounds and ways of living.

This also provides a great network of resources for later in life and can bolster both work and travel opportunities.

4. First-Class Facilities

International boarding schools are well known for their top of the range facilities. Privately funded institutions are able to dedicate many resources to their educational buildings. This includes sports facilities, and extra-curricular activities as well.

For example, one international boarding school in Switzerland boasts a ‘Creative Lab’. This features technological equipment that helps their students develop their skills and passion.

5. Great Opportunities

Finally, the benefits of studying at an international boarding school do not end at graduation. Many international boarding school programs feature alumni networking and interaction opportunities.

This means that while studying and during later life, students have continued resources. They will be able to connect with their peers and support each other. This applies to wide-spanning industries such as law, creative arts, and diplomatic relations.

Those Are the Top Reasons to Choose an International Boarding School

We’ve now seen that there are many advantages of opting for an international boarding school. From the educational experiences themselves to the opportunities that carry into later life. International boarding schools provide the best academic start possible.

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