The Basics of Self-Defense for Women

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Across the world, 35% of women have experienced sexual or physical violence at some point in their life. Sadly, violence against women is much more common than it should be.

As a woman, what can you do to keep yourself safe? How can you protect yourself if someone tries to mug you or assault you?

Knowing the basics of self-defense for women can go a long way. To help prepare for an emergency, keep reading to find some of the best ways to protect yourself.

Trust Your Instincts

Our first tip is to always trust your gut. If your instinct tells you that a person or situation doesn’t seem right, take action and get out of there as soon as you can.

This can help you avoid dangerous situations. As soon as you’re able, call 911 and report the situation to the police so they can take action.

Use What You Have to Defend Yourself

If you need to fight back, make sure of whatever you have with you. While it’s great to have something like pepper spray when you’re attacked, you can use any item you have with you.

Car keys can be a great weapon, as can handbags—use whatever you can to try to stop the person who’s attacking you. Make as much noise as you can too, as this will attract attention and help you get noticed—often, making a lot of noise can scare away your attacker as well.

Self-defense classes for women are also a good idea, as they can help you learn how to safely use equipment like tasers and mace.

Think Fast

The art of self-defense requires fast action. Thinking fast can be a matter of life and death, so don’t hesitate to take action if someone is coming for you.

Ideally, you want to run and get out of dangerous situations as soon as you can, but if you can’t, think of what you can do to put distance between yourself and the other person.

Fight Back

The thought of hurting another person can be scary, even if they’re putting you in danger. Remember that self-defense is legal, so you’re perfectly entitled to do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your children safe.

Hitting your assailant between the legs or in the eyes is a good strategy, as this is likely to cause them to double over in pain, giving you time to get away.

Understand Self-Defense for Women With These Tips

Making sense of self-defense for women can help you stay safe in a dangerous situation. Although no one ever wants to imagine the worst, it can happen at any time.

There are plenty of classes that can help with learning self-defense, so sign up for one to help learn the basics. You’re sure to appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing what to do in an emergency.

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