5 Critical Tips for Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool

There’s no better way for family summer fun than a backyard pool. But, the expense of digging your property may not be worth the investment. So, if an above ground pool is a better option for your wallet and your time, you are not alone.

Did you know that last year there was a 533 percent jump in backyard pool sales? Of course, with people staying home more, it’s not that surprising. Yet, when you invest, you want the best above ground pool for your money.

So, before you go out to buy, keep reading for a guide to choosing the right above ground pool for your backyard.

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Above Ground Pool

It’s crucial first to discuss an above ground vs inground pool. The differences have more than the cost involved. The construction of underground pools can cause months of upheaval on your property.

Also, with the soaring demand for backyard pools, you could have a long wait. But, some aspects also apply to all types of above ground pools.

For example, you will likely still need a permit. Get this done first, so you’re one step further to enjoy the benefits of an above ground pool. Now the fun part can begin.

1. Measure the Yard

It seems like an obvious first step, but this must have all the other steps in mind. So, when you measure for an above ground pool, make room for all that comes with it.

Include space for lounging around, steps to get in, and the machinery to keep your pool clean. You’ll need room for a pump and water heater, plus the other accessories and toys.

2. Choose the Space With Care

If you have enough room in your backyard, keep some things in mind before placing your pool. First, avoid areas with a lot of trees. The more debris that can get in your pool creates more work keeping it clean and fresh.

3. Who Will Use Your Pool?

Speaking of toys, do you have children who will swim in your above ground pool most? If so, think about water depth and safety around the unit. Everyone should enjoy the benefits of an above ground pool without tricky obstacles.

4. Shape It Up

Today, you can find the best above ground pool in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, after measuring your yard, decide on a pool shape to suit your needs. And, don’t forget to mark off the area with paint or stakes.

Most above ground pools are round, but you can buy them in oval or even rectangular shapes.

5. Material Matters

The above ground pool has evolved in construction as well. Resin pools are light and easy to maintain. But, metal is also lightweight and best for building a deck around. There are also hybrid materials that you may choose.

If you have a bit more in the budget, take a look at radiant pools. These above ground pools also go by the name semi-inground. Either way, it’s essential to choose the best liner for your above ground pool. 

Make A Splash

All that’s left to know is where to buy an above ground pool. Of course, the best place is a local expert. During the life of even the best above ground pool, you will need them for chemicals and other supplies.

You’ll also appreciate their advice in maintaining your above ground pool. So get your bathing suits on and have fun. And if you enjoyed this article, come back for more helpful tips.


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