5 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Car Accident Doctor

Even car accidents at speeds as low as 20mph can cause long-lasting injuries such as back and neck pain. 

If you’ve been in any kind of motor vehicle collision, it’s essential that you seek the advice of a car accident doctor as soon as possible. You might feel fine after the incident, but sometimes injuries can take days or weeks to reveal themselves. A delay in finding and treating such injuries can cause you long-term pain.

However, how do you know that your doctor is the right one to handle your post-accident assessment and insurance claims? Here are the essential signs that the physician you’ve found is the best one to help you heal fast.

5 Signs Your Car Accident Doctor is Right for You

Going to your primary care physician after a car accident means you may not get the best long-term care for your injuries.

Some injuries, such as whiplash, can take time to appear. A doctor with significant experience of car accident injuries will know key areas and potential injuries to look for – even if you’re not yet showing signs of damage. 

Here’s how to make sure the doctor you’ve chosen is the best one to handle your post-accident treatment and insurance claims.

1. Experience in Handling Automobile Accident Claims

Your doctor should not only know which injuries to look for after an accident but also feel confident with handling related paperwork, too.

You’re bound to need to fill out insurance forms and claims relating to your health following the accident. Your doctor should be familiar with the processes involved so that your treatment – and claim – is handled swiftly and with as little stress to you as possible.

2. Local to You

To make your insurance claim you may need to carry out several visits to a doctor to monitor the long-term impact of your injuries.

If you live in the Big Apple, for example, it makes sense to find an accident doctor in New York instead of Newark. You don’t want to cause yourself more time and stress than is necessary, especially if you’re suffering major injuries caused by your accident.

3. Specialist Whiplash and Neck Pain Experience

A primary care physician will assess you on what they can see in front of them. Car accident injuries can take time to show, so if your primary care doctor isn’t sure what to look for they may miss something important.

Your doctor will need to refer you for treatments such as physiotherapy. A physician familiar with car accident injuries will have great connections to refer you to specialists who are also experts in treating those injury types.

4. Independent from Legal Referrals 

Your insurance company may send you to a particular physician to get checked over after your accident. 

The trouble with referrals like this is that doctors may be incentivized to exacerbate your symptoms to make full use of your PIP insurance claims. This will leave you with less money after their treatment costs have been paid!

A reliable independent doctor will provide an independent report that can support any other medical examination you may have to undergo for your insurance company. 

5. Recovers Treatment Costs from Insurance Claims

Seeking advice from an independent doctor, not one recommended by your insurance company, doesn’t mean you should pay for any costs to receive treatment.

A doctor who is willing to work with your insurance company can help you avoid paying out of pocket for treatment costs incurred by your accident.

Don’t Feel Down After Your Accident

It doesn’t matter whether the accident was your fault or somebody else’s, you may still suffer from guilt or worry following the collision.

Your car accident doctor will be able to take care of your physical ailments caused by the incident. However, looking after your mental health is just as important to make sure you recover emotionally from the event, too.

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