5 Helpful Tips for Finding a New Job

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In 2018, 58% of recent hires reported that their job search lasted two months or less. How can you make sure you are in this top half of job seekers that find a job fast?

Read on for 5 top tips for finding a new job. 

1. Utilize LinkedIn

More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. If you aren’t using LinkedIn to its full advantage, you are missing out on opportunities to have jobs come knocking on your door. 

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date. And interact on the site by commenting, sharing and posting relevant industry content once in a while.  

2. Check Off a Few Job Tasks Daily

Finding a new job involves a lot of effort and time. It’s easy to become discouraged. Instead, focus on some daily tasks you can complete each day to keep you motivated.

For example, you might send out three resumes a day, or research two companies you are interested in. Over time, this consistent effort will pay off. 

3. Get Good at Networking

 We all know that many times the best way to find a job is through someone you know. Both online and in-person networking can make all the difference in finding a new job.

Reach out to your contacts that work at companies that interest you. You can ask for a referral. In most cases, a referral from a member of staff will always result in an interview.  

4. Tweak Your Resume for Each Job

Your resume is not a tattoo. One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is sending the same resume to various job openings.

Though it involves more work, you should be using a resume maker to tailor your resume to each job you apply for. One of the best pieces of job hunting advice is to mirror the job description in your resume.

Include keywords that are used in the job description in your resume. Recruiters are more likely to move you to the yes pile when they see familiar language that fits with their brand. 

You might find that it takes more time to send out resumes this way. But you’ll soon notice that you are getting a lot more interviews as a result. 

5. Always Send a Thank You 

There are some hiring managers out there who will never hire a candidate who didn’t send a thank you card after an interview.

If you and another candidate are equally matched and both interview really well but only one of you sends a genuine thank you note, which candidate do you think they will choose?

A thank you note often seals the deal for job seekers. It shows hiring managers that you pay attention to details, that you are considerate and thoughtful and that you are humble and eager for the job.

Hand-written cards send via the mail service is the best option. During your interview ask for a business card from your point of contact. Then when you leave, write a thank you card and mail it the same day. 

Final Word on Finding a New Job

There you have it! 5 tips on finding a new job that you can implement right now.

Remember, hiring managers want to find the best fit for the company who also has the skills and experience necessary. But it’s often the most prepared, not the most qualified, candidate that gets the job.

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