5 Ingenious Ways to Save Money On Car Repairs

affordable car repair

If you could turn back the clock and pick another trade, car mechanic should be at the top of your list. A car shop is a lucrative business, with the average repair costing $356.

Car crashes account for most of them. More than 7.2 million car accidents get reported every year with an average insurance claim around $3,200.

Look, it’s obvious that car repairs are expensive and you want to pay as little as possible. We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or your car broke down, check out five ways to get affordable car repairs that’ll keep you from breaking the bank.

Affordable Car Repairs Made Simple

The number one way to save money on car repair is to get preventative maintenance. Not only will your mechanic (more on that in a minute!) point out when something is starting to get worn or needs to get replaced, it can prevent you from getting into an accident.

Say the mechanic tells you your brakes need to get redone but you don’t want to spend the money because everything seems fine to you. Less than a week later, your brakes fail, causing you to become one of the 7.2 million crashes every year.

Your $300 brake repair just turned into a $3,000 insurance claim. And remember, you’ve got a deductible to pay too.

Check out more ways to get cheap car repair when you need it…

1. Buy a Warranty

Most new cars come with some type of warranty, but not everyone buys their car off the showroom floor. There are companies like GWC Warranty Reviews that provide warranties for used cars.

Make sure you know what your warranty covers. The last thing you want to do is shell out money for something that’s covered under your warranty.

2. Avoid the Dealership

Unless you have a service contract with your dealer for your new car, avoid using dealerships if you can help it. The large overhead and the manufacturer’s mandatory certifications make their labor costs much higher than a mom and pop shop.

Ask your friends and family who they recommend and check their reviews online. Once you find one you like, establish a relationship with them. If they’re the only shop that does work on your vehicle, they may throw some loyalty discounts your way.

3. Google is Your Best Friend

From cheap car repair shops to parts to reviews, research everything. The more you know, the less likely you’ll get ripped off.

4. Buy Used Parts

If you’re not using a dealership, private shops will often let you buy your own parts and they handle the labor. Even mechanics will give you the option of buying a new or refurbished part from them.

5. Heed the Warning Signs

You know how your check engine light comes on and you ignore it for a few weeks, hoping it goes away? Don’t do that anymore. The purpose of the light is to warn you when something’s about to go wrong.

If you hear anything like a grinding sound in your breaks or a knocking sound in your engine, take your car in. If you heed the warning signs, you’ll catch a minor issue before it becomes catastrophic.

Be Curious

Now that you know some ways to get affordable car repair, taking your car into the shop shouldn’t be so nerve-wracking. You’ve asked questions and should continue to do so!

We’re dedicated to those that have the curiosity to know something. Check out our Curiosity Human hack blog for answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

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