Oil Occupations: The 5 Coolest Jobs In the Oil Industry

jobs in the oil industry

Total revenue for the oil and gas industry came to around 2 trillion US dollars during 2017. If you want your share of this lucrative industry, there are many ways to become a part of the action.

As we enter the age of solar, fossil fuels may be declining in popularity, but the industry remains strong with many possibilities for employment.

These are some of the coolest jobs in the oil industry.

1. Oil Well Testing Operator

A lot goes into making sure the oil and gas products we use are safe and effective. This means that a well testing operator is one of the most important careers in oil and gas.

For a well testing operator, the daily grind consists of evaluating the characteristics of a wellbore to ensure it’s operating at its best.

These routine tests can include:

  • Pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Salinity
  • Oil to gas ratio
  • Potential
  • Daily production

It sounds complicated and it can be. Thankfully, technological advances such as oil and gas production allocation software have made this job a lot easier and more accurate.

If this sounds like a job you’d enjoy, you need a high school diploma. Extra industry training and experience will help you get your foot in the door.

As you clock up the years, you could earn up to $126K a year.

2. Heavy Machinery Operators

Controlling powerful machines is cool no matter what industry you’re in. These kinds of careers in oil and gas usually involve driving trucks or operating cranes.

There is a load of lifting and carrying involved in the oil and gas industry and crane operators get paid well for these important tasks.

Mechanical skills that go beyond basic auto maintenance is often part of the job description. A shortage of truck drivers means salaries are good, but the hours can be long and lonely. Drivers are also employed onsite at drilling sites to haul oil, water, and sand around on location.

3. Drilling Engineer

Overseeing the drilling operations for an oil company is one of the highest paying oil field jobs. This job entails finding ways to get oil and gas out of the Earth in various terrains.

If you like the sound of this high earning job, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. There’s a worldwide shortage of candidates for these posts and you can earn up to $220K per year, so it’s worth hitting the books.

4. Desk Jobs in the Oil Industry

Like every industry on Earth, there are plenty of pencil-pushing careers in the oil industry. The coolest of these has got to be the position of a tax accountant.

This individual plays an important role in keeping oil and gas companies afloat by ensuring they stay within the law. No company needs a high profile tax evasion lawsuit.

They do this by masterminding a route through all the rules surrounding royalties and tariffs so their employer can reap the best benefits from tax deductions.

5. Offshore Maintenance Technicians

This may not be one of the most glamorous jobs in the oil industry but it’s pretty cool hanging out on oil rigs all the same. Offshore maintenance technicians make sure the mechanical, electrical and control devices on board are performing at their best.

No matter what your qualifications or interests are, chances are there’s a place for you in this stable and important industry.

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