5 Interesting Facts About Hemp You Didn’t Know

One of the most interesting plants on the market today, hemp is a plant that few people really know about. For sure, it’s a familiar name in most households. But few truly understand the uses of hemp beyond the stereotypical negative connotations that come with it. They don’t understand the plant and thus fall prey to mischaracterizing it.

To change your opinion about hemp, we’ve listed here five interesting facts about hemp that you probably never knew before. Armed with these facts, you’ll have a much better understanding of this particular plant family.

1. Hemp Seeds Are Excellent Nutrition

What’s one of the most important macronutrients that humans consume on a daily basis? The answer is protein.

There are a hundred and one different protein supplements on the market. Not only are they exceedingly expensive, but they’re also highly processed. Hemp seeds are an excellent alternative to those supplements. Like some other seeds, for instance, flax seeds and chia seeds, hemp seeds are not only high-calorie but also high in protein.

In fact, with just a couple handfuls, you can satisfy your entirely daily intake requirements for protein!

2. Hemp Production Saved Us in World War II

Few people see how hemp is used outside of food purposes, but it’s exactly those purposes that enabled hemp to help the Allied Powers in World War II. 

During that war, Japan cut off its hemp supply to the United States as a result of the hostilities between them. As a result, many farmers in the United States were given incentives to grow hemp. Hemp was a crucial product used for a variety of purposes.

These purposes included ship sails, rope, textiles, and more. Indeed, without hemp production, there would have been several products that the United States would have had to identify alternate means of manufacture for. There’s no telling what impact that could have had on the long-term results of the war. 

3. Hemp is NOT Marijuana

Although the CBD Hemp Flower is classified within the same scientific family as marijuana (Cannabis) it is not marijuana. The two plants are actually very different. When processed, hemp does not naturally have psychoactive features.

4. Hemp Has Medical Benefits

Hemp has clear medical benefits. Studies show that the omega3 acids in hemp are good for preventing cardiovascular disease. The linoleic acid in them can also slow down the effects of aging.

5. Hemp Oil Can Clear Your Skin

If you’ve been having trouble with breakouts recently, then there’s a new product for you to try: hemp oil!

Hemp oil is known to help restore a natural glow to your skin. It will help to unclog your powers while also moisturizing your skin, preventing any more pimples from forming. 

Facts About Hemp

There you have it — now that you know these five facts about hemp, you are far more well-versed in hemp knowledge than the vast majority of your peers.

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