5 Key Tips for Throwing the Best Party Ever

Shot of a young woman on the dancefloor with friends

We’ve all been to a party we wish we could have left early. But how do you make sure that it isn’t your own?

Here are our tips on how to throw the best party ever and one that your guests will remember long after they leave.

1. The Party Schedule 

It may seem counter-intuitive to have a schedule for your party (a.k.a. the time when you have fun, relax, and play). But having a 3-hour block of time where your guests are expected to do the same thing can get boring. 

Your schedule doesn’t have to be rigid. Consider starting with cocktails as people arrive.

It’s best if you can welcome your party-goers as they arrive. If you can’t, have a decorative sign that welcomes guests and gives them directions on where to place their coat and what to do first.

Next should be dinner, followed by dessert, a surprise, games, dancing, and the end.

2. Social Media Moments

In the age of social media, it’s absolutely necessary for your party to have a few social media moments. Simply put, it’s a photogenic spot where guests can document that they were there.

There are a variety of ways to do this:

  • Rent a photo booth for the night
  • Set up a photo backdrop and have a designated photographer
  • Create a selfie station complete with props

However you choose to do it, allow your guests an opportunity to give their followers a little bit of FOMO.

3. It’s All About Ambiance

Every outdoor party needs decor, lighting, and the right music. You can get a tent, chairs, a dance floor, lights, and decor through party rentals.

No one wants to stay at a party where it’s poorly lit, the music is dull, and the scenery is lacking. 

Use rentals to highlight the best that your party has to offer.

4. Best Party Ever = Best Food Ever

Don’t forget the food! Highlight the occasion or season with some specialty drinks and cuisine.

Summer? A fruity cocktail, bruschetta, or an upscale take on barbeque food.

Fall? Spiked apple cider, butternut squash soup, grilled cheese.

Provide guests with at least 2 different beverage options, an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

5. Surprises

The most memorable part of any gathering is a surprise.

Whether it’s fireworks after dinner, a performance, or a gift, offering this unexpected diversion can make the difference between a dull gathering and an unforgettable night. 

Make sure guests are offered a party favor as they leave. Most will form their opinion of the evening right after they leave, so giving them a gift will likely influence their thoughts for the better. 

Let’s Get This Party Started!

The key to hosting the best party ever is all about the little details. It’s in the thoughtful choices of food, music, and activities that make it memorable.

What will you do to wow your guests at your next party?

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