7 Reasons to Get a Ham Radio Set at Home

Are you worried about the pending zombie apocalypse? Or perhaps you’re a true “fanboy” or “fangirl” and love any stereotypical nerdy hobby.

Whatever your reason for owning a ham radio set, the unusual advantages to having one in your home may surprise you.

Don’t believe us? Here are 7 crazy-cool reasons to get a ham radio set for your house.

1. Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

During major natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires, one of the first things to go out is power.

Think back to Hurricane Sandy where thousands of people were without power for weeks and unable to contact authorities for help.

When communications are disrupted, radio broadcasts generally are not. Thus, owning a ham radio is a perfect way to ensure you have a means of communication during major natural disasters. 

2. Stay Attuned to Local Emergencies

Did you know that many government agencies use the same VHF and UHF frequencies as amateur radios? These are used to inform people of local traffic incidents, weather dangers, Amber alerts and more.

Investing in a quality ham radio base station ensures you’ll be apprised of all the most important local news, right when it happens.

3. Get Social

We’re not talking Instagram here. Ham radio operators and users are an incredibly social community. 

Find peer groups, get advice on tech topics, and gain a sense of community as you reach out and chat with others in your community about local topics. 

Not to mention, during that zombie apocalypse, having someone alive to talk to might be nice if the cell phone towers go out.

4. Develop a Useful Hobby

Looking for a useful skill to spend your time developing? Becoming a ham radio pro is a great option. 

Before you can legally start broadcasting, you actually have to have some credentials. Certification and licensing through the federal government is required. 

Once you have these qualifications and the know-how of operating your ham radio, you can do all kinds of things! Start your own show, do a Q&A, find individuals with other interests. The sky’s the limit!

5. They’re Fun

It’s pretty dang exciting to send your voice out there and hear a response back. You can get in touch with people right in your own town, or across the world.

With communication possibilities like these, you’re in a for hours of endless entertainment.

6. Serve in Your Community

During natural disasters that block out power and cell towers, if you’re a licensed Ham radio user, you can help people in your community get in contact with needed help.

Stay involved with your community by joining the Amateur Radio Emergency service and do everything from reporting tornados to helping guide people to safe spots.

7. Broaden Your Tech Knowledge

Much about ham radio use can teach you about basic electronics theory. Step up your tech game and get a great foundation to build on by starting with learning to operate a Ham radio.

Buying Your Own Ham Radio Set

As we said, once you’ve got the proper licensing down, working your own ham radio set is a cinch. Just be sure to do some shopping around to find the right make and model to suit your intended uses.

Not all models are created equal and you may be surprised at the deals you can find on used ham radios. Happy broadcasting!

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