5 Road Safety Tips to Help You Prepare for the Good and Bad

Lane with the text Drive carefully

Few things can ruin your day (or even your whole year!) like a bad car accident. Once you get into an accident, you now have to deal with insurance companies, insurance lawyers, the other parties involved, and the auto shop — all while recuperating from any injuries that you have sustained. Naturally, this is the furthest thing from a fun situation possible.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In this article, we’ll show you how to do a better job of preventing accidents by implementing five simple road safety tips in your daily driving habits.

1. Drive Defensively

The best road safety tip out there that not all drivers are implementing today is to drive defensively. Defensive driving is all about being watchful and proactive to get yourself away from situations where you may find yourself in a pickle. 

The idea with defensive driving is that you are always casting your eyes about and watching what other drivers are doing. Don’t assume that everyone else will always obey traffic laws. Instead, carefully assess each vehicle around you on the road as you drive so that you can react to any wayward driving.

2. Put the Phone Away

The next great tip on how to be safe on the road is to put the phone away. Accidents due to distracted driving are on the rise as more and more people start feeling comfortable enough in their driving habits to text and use their phones in other ways while they drive. 

Driving while distracted is a ticking time bomb that is sure to burn you in the long run. Put the phone down and away from you so that you aren’t tempted to reach for it at a traffic light or during a long spell on the interstate.

3. Keep on Top of Vehicle Maintenance

Another one of the greatest road safety precautions is to stay on top of vehicular maintenance. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road as you’re traveling on the interstate, that could easily cause an accident as cars swerve to give you space.

4. Don’t Follow Cars Closely

The closer you follow a car, the less time you have to react if the person in front of you has to slam on their brakes for an unexpected reason. Keep a two-second following distance at the very minimum or you may be looking for a motor vehicle accident lawyer very soon.

5. Take Breaks on Long Road Trips

Last but not least, for maximum safety while driving, make sure that you are taking breaks whenever you embark on a long road trip. Getting tired and sleepy impairs your driving ability, so make sure that you are fresh and rested every time you’re on the road.

Road Safety Tips You Need to Know

There you have it — with this guide to easy road safety tips under your belt, you should now be far better equipped to prevent yourself from getting in an auto accident.

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