5 Smart Tips on Furnishing a New Home Without Going Broke

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Moving into a new, unfurnished home is exciting and can get your creative juices flowing. It can also be extremely expensive and frustrating when you are trying to decide between the must-haves and the really wants.

Luckily, we have seven smart tips on furnishing a new home–we’re going to tell you what items you should splurge on and what goods might be better bought on a budget. 

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1. Blinds & Window Treatments

If you are moving into a newly constructed home or one that does not have any type of window coverings this is going to be the first thing you want to do. 

Choosing blinds and window coverings can be relatively low-cost–if you know what you’re doing. It’s unlikely that you want to use mini-blinds and instead prefer a more custom look. 

Luckily, you can find great deals at big box hardware stores. Ideally, you should have someone measure each window for you so the correct blinds are purchased. The store will want to sell you on installation, but this is something that you can easily do yourself. 

Also understand that if you are leaning toward plantation shutters, they will be 3-4 times the cost of other blinds. Additionally, if you plan on hanging curtains and covering your blinds, you are probably safe to go with an even less expensive option. 

2. Finding a Sofa

Chances are, you have a few living room pieces that you’re bringing from your old residence and that is great! Use them so you can afford to add or replace pieces without breaking the bank. 

When furnishing a living room, consider what pieces of furniture you will spend the most time using. 

You’re probably thinking the sofa or a coffee table, which is definitely true, but the sofa is where you sit and how you make yourself comfortable. 

It is wise to spend a little more money on a sofa you absolutely love and are comfortable with, then use your thrift shopping skills for chairs, rugs, or tables.

Though it is tempting to shop locally at big-name furniture stores, consider shopping online for an even better deal. Remember to consider sofa beds as well because they can give you much needed space should your family drop by for an extended weekend. Read more here for choosing the best sofa beds. 

3. Tables: Coffee, End, and Dining

Every room needs a table whether it is functional or an accent. This means that you will be shopping for plenty of them! 

Coffee and end tables can usually be picked up from thrift stores or even flea markets as a set. Often, you will be able to negotiate the price based on any dings or flaws present. 

If you are furnishing a larger home or are planning on hosting many guests, a dining table that seats 6-8 people might be required. These will not be cheap, especially if you desire matching chairs. 

The key to finding a beautiful dining table is time. You’re going to have to shop this one out and really invest in learning what certain materials cost. Similarly, if you find a table you’d like to refinish, time will be spent there. 

The good news is that you can actually choose to purchase chairs that may not match perfectly and opt for chair coverings. This is a great choice because you can change the covers with the seasons or as you update your home. 

4. Your Bedroom

Did you know that you spend about a third of your life sleeping? This means that you will spend that much more time in your bedroom preparing to sleep and getting ready in the morning. 

This translates into having not only a great mattress, but a functional bedroom set that you don’t mind looking at. 

Online mattress sales have spiked in the past few years, and for good reason. These companies offer comfortable mattresses for a fraction of the cost of what you might purchase in-store. 

Unless you really want an ornate bedroom set, finding something chic and stylish won’t set you back too much. If you’re wanting a step up from the ‘some assembly required’ furniture, look at some of the furniture shops in your area. 

These stores often have interest-free financing available, even if you have very little credit. Just be sure to pay the bill on time! 

5. Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

You probably already have dishes and some kitchen tools. This means that you should not replace them (even if you really want to.)

Instead, look around at the appliances you will need. A refrigerator is probably at the top of the list. Brand new, these units are expensive and there isn’t much of a way around it. However, you can definitely pick up a used one for a fraction of the cost. 

It isn’t advisable to use local sales websites, instead look around at appliance shops that specialize in used items. You’ll pay a little more than what you would on a website, but the fridge will likely last far longer. 

Bar stools are another popular kitchen item that people spend way too much on. Don’t be one of those people! Hit the sales, use coupons, and even look at flea markets. Because these seats aren’t appliances and don’t have motors, you are definitely safe to choose to buy from any local site–just don’t get scammed! 

Furnishing a New Home: The Extras

The last few things you will need for your home will be small extras that can add up in cost. Miscellaneous items like dish towels, sheets, pot holders, wall art, picture frames, and bathroom rugs can actually cost a ton of money if you’re not careful. 

One of the smartest ways to go about procuring these items is to write out a wish list and put money aside for these smaller things. When you buy one of the things on the list, cross it off and refrain from buying more of that item (no matter how great the sale is!) 

Furnishing a new home really comes down to your priorities. Some people may need the newest television, while you may have to have the most stylish conversation chairs. Whatever it is, you have to make the decision that fits your needs, wants, and budget! 

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