5 Vital Business Etiquette Rules

What drives success in the working world? Research reveals that the soft skills that create professionalism take 85% of the credit, while technical skills only get a mere 15%. 

This means that you need proper business etiquette to make it to the top. Do you know the rules of this vital component of professionalism?

The High 5 Guide to Business Etiquette 

Work etiquette builds relationships throughout all aspects of business, increasing career success and overall profitability for the company. You can pick up basics, like how to get a business credit card, as you go, but you should begin your career professionally polished.  

Keep reading to learn 5 important etiquette rules that every professional should follow!

1. Be Punctual

People often excuse themselves for lateness, thinking 2 minutes means nothing. But, that small amount of time can end potentially long-lasting business ventures before they even begin.

Being punctual tells people that you value them and respect their time. Showing up late makes you appear selfish and negates your word, breaking future trust.

To avoid lateness, create a clear schedule and avoid crowding appointments to allow yourself leeway. If you lose track of time, set reminder alarms to tell you when to wrap things up for your next obligation.

2. Make Proper Introductions

When greeting somebody professionally, stand. Never remain sitting down as it appears lazy and rude.

Professional etiquette rules require you to look them in the eye and state your full name. When they state theirs, repeat it to help you remember. 

The current pandemic creates taboo for the once expected handshake. Find creative handshake alternatives, like a Japanese bow, to still show respect in greeting.

3. Actively Listen

Do not act as if your conversation piece trumps theirs. Give other people an equal turn to speak.

Actively listen to them. This looks like:

  • Making eye contact
  • Slightly leaning towards them
  • Nodding appropriately

Allow them to finish speaking before you say anything. Follow up by summarizing what you heard and asking any questions for clarifications.

4. Display Professional Decorum

The space you keep will speak volumes about you. Remember, though it is your space, it is still office space and should balance out both aspects.

Your desk should not look like a college dorm or a hoarder’s space. Keep it neat, uncluttered, and professional.

You can keep a family picture and maybe a nicknack that shows some personality. But, avoid anything with profanity, nudity, alcohol, or anything else you would not expect in the office.

5. Keep Emails Professional

Despite how friendly your relationship feels with your boss, employee, coworker, or client, keep your work emails to them professional with the following business etiquette tips. People will lose respect for you as a professional if you do not.

Start with a proper greeting, like, “Dear…”. Then, keep it clear and concise.

End your email with a proper closing that fits your subject matter. You may choose sincerely, kind regards, or thank you.

Do not leave the subject matter blank. In business, you will send emails to busy people who need to prioritize, and the subject matter will help them do so.

Etiquette Gets You Everywhere

Proper business etiquette will advance you far in your career. It makes you appear professional and shows that you respect the people around you.

We want to help you succeed. Read more business strategies on our website!

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