What Questions Should I Ask the Best Car Accident Attorney in My Area?

Every year, between 20 and 50 million people suffer nonfatal injuries in car crashes.

If you’ve been in a car crash, after seeking medical attention, you need to talk to a car accident attorney. You may be eligible for an insurance payout or damage compensation, but you’ll likely only get this with some help from an auto accident attorney.

Keep reading to learn the vital questions to ask your attorney after a car accident.

How Will You Represent Me?

This first question is absolutely imperative to your case. You need to understand how your lawyer will represent you in the case. What will their process and timeline be? It’s important that you know these answers so that you can work towards success together. 

How Can I Protect My Case?

Your lawyer likely has a great deal of experience with auto accidents, and will probably know the tricks that insurance companies and other lawyers might use to get twisted information from you.

Your attorney will advise you on who to talk to and who not to for the ensured success of your case. 

What Information Do I Need to Give You?

You’ll likely need to keep detailed records of any medical or car expenses that occurred due to the accident. Your attorney will be able to provide you with a detailed list of what to keep track of.

How Long Will My Claim Take?

Understanding how long your claim will take can be the difference between you deciding to go forward with your claim, or deciding to take a financial hit and move forward. Your attorney will be able to advise you further. 

Can You Help Me Claim Future Medical Expenses?

Even if you didn’t encounter major injuries or injuries at all due to the car accident, you might find that in a few weeks or months you’re in need of physical therapy or other medical attention. Depending on your situation, your car accident attorney might be able to help you secure payment for future medical expenses. 

What Are Your Legal Fees?

Perhaps the most essential question is asking your lawyer what their fees are. This will vary by the attorney, but with most car accident attorneys you’ll only pay a percentage of your winnings. 

Nevertheless, don’t assume that this is the case and be sure to ask this question before you hire a lawyer.

How Will You Represent Me With My Insurance Company?

Many insurance companies will provide a lawyer, but they represent the insurance company more so than they do you. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay you any more money than they have to, so having a personal lawyer can help you to get what you deserve. 

Ask your attorney how they will work with your insurance company for optimal representation. 

Hire a Car Accident Attorney Today

Now that you know what questions to ask your car accident attorney, you need to hire a lawyer. 

Without the help of a lawyer, your insurance may go up and you might be liable for damages. An auto attorney can help you combat this. 

If you’re still looking to learn more about car accidents keep reading!

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