5 Ways to Enjoy the Water on Your Hawaii Vacation

Young woman at snorkeling in the tropical water

One of the biggest things that Hawaii is known for is it’s 750 miles of beautiful coastline. As a result, there’s no shortage of water activities in Hawaii to enjoy.

Planning a visit to this incredible state? From Oahu boat tours to heart-pounding jet ski rides, keep reading to learn a few of the must-try activities you’ll want to enjoy.

1. Snorkeling Tours

One of the best Hawaii watersports for experiencing the state’s unique and incredible wildlife is a snorkeling tour. On this adventure, you’ll take a boat ride to one of the many reefs that surround Hawaii’s islands. Along with an experienced guide, you’ll dip beneath the waves in search of colorful fish, and one of the most popular sights; sea turtles.

If you have your heart set on spotting sea turtles during your trip, book a tour with Captain Max Boat Tours. On their Turtle Canyon Snorkel Cruise, guests visit Turtle Canyon, located on the South Shore of Oahu. Here, turtles gather to have their shells “cleaned” by the many fish that live on the reef.

2. Paddleboarding and Kayaking

If you prefer to experience the waters of Hawaii from above the waves, consider joining a paddleboarding or kayaking tour, or rent one to enjoy on your own. As you glide along across the surface of the water, you may spot colorful fish, dolphins, and even surfacing sea turtles. This is also a great way to explore the coastlines.

Kayaking is a more beginner-friendly option. But for those looking for a challenge, paddleboarding can be a great way to experience the water as well. Either way, you’ll not only enjoy an awesome adventure, but will also get a great workout along the way!

3. Sunset Cruise

A Hawaiin vacation can be the perfect romantic trip. From quiet walks along the beach to dinners under swaying palm trees, there are no shortage of opportunities for creating new memories together. And while there are plenty of exciting watersports to enjoy, there are also plenty of romantic ones.

One of the best things to do in Hawaii while on a romantic trip is to enjoy a sunset cruise. This evening adventure will have you taking to the water late in the day, and cruising along the coast as you watch the sky come alive in a burst of color.

4. Parasailing

The crystal clear waters around Hawaii mean that you can see reefs, fish, and the rocky coastlines from above. If you want to experience the islands in a way that few visitors do, plan to book a parasailing trip during your next visit.

This is one of the top things to do in Maui, as well as elsewhere in Hawaii, because it allows you to see the shore lines and water from a whole new angle. Keep your eyes peeling for fish, dolphins, and reefs from far above.

5. Jetskiing

For those that prefer a fast-paced adventure, jetskiing is a great choice. On this heartpounding adventure, you’ll race through the waves at top speed. There are a few ways to enjoy jetskiing in Hawaii. One is through a tour. Often, these mix a tour with some fun, high speed riding. Or, you can rent a jetski and play around in the water instead.

Picking the Right Water Activities in Hawaii

Whether you want to enjoy some heartpouding fun or a slower paced, romantic tour, there are no shortage of water activities in Hawii to choose from.

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