6 Best Ejuice Flavors on the Market in 2019

There are so many different kinds of ejuice flavors but how will you ever find the best one? You could go through may different trial and error procedures to find the best possible flavor but that would take a lot of work. 

Of course, the taste of something is subjective and just because you like something doesn’t mean everyone else will. But with our list, you can narrow down the options and try to find the best flavor for you. 

Keep reading for six of the best ejuice flavors on the market in 2019.

1. I Love Cookies Too 

I Love Cookies Too is the second version in the series of ejuice flavors. There are also bakery flavors like I Love Donuts. When first taking a hit of this ejuice, you will get the classic cookie taste. Then the strong sense of caramel will come through making a delicious combination. 

They also include milk and strawberries in the mix which makes it very unique. The fruit is what really makes this one stand out. 

2. Unicorn Milk 

Unicorn Milk is a peculiar kind of ejuice because you can’t really tell much just by name. So what does Unicorn Milk taste like?

This ejuice combines four rich creams to make a delicately blended strawberry perfection. It also has a strong whipped cream taste so it’s like you’re having a strawberry and whipped cream dessert with every hit.  

3. ICE Blue Raspberry

ICE Blue Raspberry is a delicious combination of blueberry and raspberry with an icy cool infusion. You will feel refreshed after every hit. It also has nicotine salt which makes it smoother on your throat. 

Nicotine salt helps hit the throat smoother and lets you vape a higher nicotine strength. Some people find vaping to be hard so they won’t switch from cigarettes but with nicotine salt, it’s much smoother.  

Learn more here about nicotine salt. 

4. Milk and Honey 

Milk and Honey is a great combination of marshmallow and honey-sweetened milk. It is a unique flavor that you’ve probably never tasted before which is what makes it so popular. This flavor is very sweet but not too sweet where you won’t be able to vape on it for a while. 

5. Monkey Business 

If you like the taste of bananas, then Monkey Business is for you. This ejuice is a creamy and custard base with some banana.

It is more on the creamy side and then you get a bit of banana with each hit. Unique flavors, like this one, have great potential to become one of your favorite flavors just because of how different they are.  

6. Shurb 

Shurb is a very unique flavor combination. It combines raspberry, lime, and orange with lots of sugary sweetness. Most people define this as a rainbow sherbert in ejuice form. 

It has a very smooth but not too sweet flavor with sour and citrusy flavors to combine it all together. 

Best Ejuice For You

Hopefully, with our guide, you can find a delicious ejuice flavor that you love and will want to use all the time. 

Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on what the best ejuice you’ve ever had is. 

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