7 Astronomy Gifts Inspired by the Night Sky

Everybody knows that one person who’s secretly (or not so secretly) obsessed with space. Maybe it’s the thrill of the unknown that calls them, or perhaps it’s the adventure.

Regardless, such individuals often have big dreams of becoming an astronaut, or even an astronomer, or they just dig all things involving space. It’s no surprise. The night sky is an endless source of mystery and discovery.

If you want to “wow” the astronomy fan in your life, check out these seven astronomy gifts that are out of this world!

1. The Night Sky Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards features 52 different constellations with its illustration. This way, you quickly get acquainted with the patterns that make up each shape. The best way to enjoy playing the cards is by using them as flashcards.  

You simply have to cover the name then hold the card and let your partner figure out the type of constellation. The cards are arranged by difficulty with the constellations that are easy to find having higher ranks.

2. Moonlight Ball

The moonlight ball is crafted with realistic crater formation, so you should expect an amazing lighting experience. Whether you’re looking to add a far-out cute cor theme or have it as a night light in your bedroom, the moonlight ball is an excellent way to light up any area.

Most designs are between 8 to 10 centimeters. But, regardless of their small size, they can brighten up your room at a luminous rate.

Take note that it’s recommended for anyone above the age of 8, and makes a perfect gift for lighting connoisseurs, space explorers, and astrology lovers. 

3. NASA Photo Collection

An astronomy fan wouldn’t want to miss a tour of the universe with the collection of photographs from NASA achieves. To help them catch all the intrigues, you should consider sourcing for the Earth and Space book.

This book has a collection of more than a hundred photos taken from the NASA archives. The Apollo program first took these images, and thanks to a descriptive caption that explains how and when the photo was taken, it will get them interested. You can alternatively recommend them to check out this product if they’re looking to learn more about stars.

4. Handmade Planet Necklace

This necklace features the seven planets laid out in beads, which is a catch for any astronomy enthusiast. Most designs have a maximum length of 40 centimeters, so they’ll always comfortably fall at the chest level. If you’re to settle for the non-waterproof models, avoid direct contact with water (washing, bathing, or swimming) to enhance its durability.

The best part is that most designs are made from surgical stainless steel with the patterns protected by glass cabochon, making them a perfect accessory for casual or official wear. Trendy designs such as those that feature a pendant and 925 sterling silver chain make an excellent gift for that special astronaut fan in your life.

5. Moonlight Cushion

The moonlight color changing cushion will light up the mood of your house. It’s crafted from ultra-soft fur. When the light source illuminates the cushion, it will gently shift between different colors.

It’s powered by a battery pack tucked inside a zip-up compartment, which keeps the cushion bright.

The cushion can be used anywhere that you want calm mood lighting, but it makes an excellent addition to your kid’s bedroom. You can bring the moonlight cushion back to life or switch it off by tapping at the center, so you don’t have to access the battery pack during normal use.

6. Virtual Reality Planetarium

The virtual reality planetarium features over eight different modes with three hours of educational audio. So, if you’re in search of a gift for space travel or astronomy enthusiast, the virtual reality planetarium is worth a shot. You don’t need prior astronomy knowledge, and that’s why it comes handy for anyone above the age of 8 years.

The possible areas of use are limitless; you can use it at home, when traveling, in school classrooms, or when you’re out camping. With the virtual reality planetarium, you’ll get to discover all the 88 constellations and travel to nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and planets in seconds.

7. Nebulae Hanging Wall Art

If you’re an astronomy fan and want to add a little magic of the universe to your wall, you should consider getting the Nebulae hanging wall art. It comes in shades of purple, gold, and red, spread over five panels. This makes it a perfect wall decoration painting for your bathroom, office, dining room, hotel, bedroom, living room, and so on.

These beautifully printed canvases are stretched over wooden frames at the back, so all you’ve got to do is hang on the wall. The medium paintings measure 8” by 20” with the smallest measuring 10” by 16”.

Make a Real Impression With The Astronomy Gifts For A Space Enthusiast!

If your kid is a space enthusiast, there’s no better way to spend most nights together than reading him/her stories of space under the luminous light of the moonlight ball.

Every time before going to bed, they’ll look at the glowing round light and reminisce about space and its wonders. The inclusion of a moonlight cushion may even inspire space-related dreams.

For that fun-loving space enthusiast who’s into fashion, the handmade planet necklace is the best gift you can give them.  Whether it’s all silver or handcrafted with beads, they’ll always find an outfit to complement the jewelry so that they can stand out.

You probably know that one person who’s fascinated about the galaxy but doesn’t have a clue on how to explore the universe. A virtual reality planetarium will leave a mark for such individuals.

The fun part is that they can travel to the planets, galaxies, and star clusters in seconds. These astronomy gifts will definitely bring space ‘closer’ to your loved ones!

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