6 of the Coolest Jobs You Can Get By Learning Another Language

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Did you know that more than 64.7 million Americans can converse in a second language?

More than 53% of Europeans can also speak in another language other than their native language. Amazing, right? But why are there so many people speaking foreign languages?

Well, they’ve realized that learning other languages can help them in many aspects of their lives, including travel, promoting mental health, and even establishing family connections.

But perhaps the most common motivator for learning foreign languages is increasing chances of securing some of the coolest careers on earth.

In this piece, we’ll look at six of the coolest jobs you can get by being multilingual.

1. Game Translator

What’s your favorite video game? Is it Injustice 2?

Well, you can now make money playing and translating it. Gaming companies are always looking for game translators to translate games from English to other languages.

If you can read, write, and speak in several languages, you can secure the job as a translator with the leading entreprise de traduction.

2. Flight Attendant

Want to become a flight attendant? Learning a foreign language can increase your chances of landing this job.

Top airlines are now looking for flight attendants that can converse in a second language. For example, if an airline frequently flies from the US to China, they’re likely to hire a flight attendant who can speak Mandarin.

3. Lead Coordinator

Most non-profit organizations are focused on helping the needy in countries where English is not the official language.

Learning a foreign language will increase your chances of getting a job with a non-profit organization if you can communicate with the people they want to help.

4. Photographer

If you’re a professional photographer and want to travel around the world taking photos, you should learn the language of your favorite places. This will make the job easy, a factor that will, in turn, help you to generate lots of cash.

5. Fashion Buyer

Are you in the fashion industry?

Fashion is now a global thing, which means you’ll be working with people who speak other languages. Learning several foreign languages will make it easy for you to communicate and do business with them.

6. Journalist

Want to be a journalist?

Learning a second language will enable you to find the best stories in the world. Reading and translating some of the fantastic stories from different parts of the world will enrich your career and increase your chances of success.

The Most Popular Languages That Can Land You the Coolest Jobs


Spanish is recognized as the second official language in the US and Europe. Learning this language will enable you to reach out to more than 500 million people worldwide.


French is ranked the sixth most spoken language. It’ll help you to secure jobs with the leading companies not only in Paris but also other French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland.

You can find some tips for learning French here.


German is one of the popular languages that will help you get the coolest careers and also earn you a lot of money.


Arabic speakers are in very high demand thanks to the rapid growth in the Arab world. If you learn this language, you increase your chances of securing some of the highest paying jobs in the world.


Mandarin is the official language in China and one of the most spoken languages in the world. Companies targeting Chinese are always looking to hire people who can read and write in this language.

Wrapping Up

Learning a foreign language increases your chances of getting some of the coolest jobs in the world. What are you waiting for? Start learning today and enjoy the benefits of being multilingual.

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