6 Superb Inventions That Will Make Our Lives Easier

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. So…would it surprise you to learn that half of all inventions happen by accident?

Some useful inventions for everyday life were born out of dumb luck. The microwave oven, for example, was discovered by accident.

Aren’t we always looking for things that make life easier? Luckily we have clever inventions pop up every day in our world. Discover these six super inventions that make life easier. 

Inventions That Make Life Easier

Where would we be today without some simple inventions like the bottle opener, the wheel or casters? Today these seem like easy inventions.

Let’s take a look at some super inventions of the twenty-first century. 

1. Lockitron

Unlock your door without keys. This device is used to lock any door and can be unlocked via a smartphone. 

Have it installed on all entry doors and say goodbye to your keys. No need to keep track of keys. All you need is your Android or Apple device. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth Low Energy

2. Recycled Cardboard Mini Cell Phone Chargers

How many times are stuck with a dying phone with no charger cord or portable battery? 

These little cardboard batteries are disposable and biodegradable. You can carry one in your pocket for when you need it. It will charge your phone for 2, 4, or 6 hours depending on the one you buy.

3. Available Parking Space Marker

Raise your hand if you despise driving around a parking garage in circles trying to find a parking space. 

Seeing that green light hanging over an available parking space is like a mirage in the desert. 

No more craning your neck and driving up and down the aisles. If you use parking garages regularly, you’ll agree that this invention makes your life easier! 

4. A Self-Locking Bendy Bike

City-dwelling bike riders have had their fair share of bike and bike parts stolen. This bendy bike has a flexible frame that wraps around a pole or similar object to lock the bike up while not in use. 

It’s ingenious! No more carrying around a lock and chain. The steel cable that secures the bike is hidden so no chance for tampering. 

5. Avocado Multi-Tool

Avocado toast is the new breakfast of champions. The avocado multi-tool cuts, de-pits, scoops, slices, and mashes your avocado! 

All that from one tool?! Talk about useful inventions! This 5-in-1 tool is also dishwasher safe. 

6. Water Filtration Straw

How many natural disasters have we suffered over the past several years? What did people do for drinking water? 

With this handy water filtration straw, you’d have one less thing about which to worry. 

All microbiological contaminants will be eliminated with the filter in the straw making the compromised water safe to drink. 

Which Inventions Do You Love?

You’ve learned about several inventions that make life easier. Which ones are your favorites? Visit us to learn about more curious topics like life hacks and much more. 

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