What Is a Vlog and What Is Its History?

What is a vlog? If you are thinking about becoming a content creator on a streaming platform like YouTube, you might be wondering this question.

If you have a favorite content creator, you have likely seen them post vlogs here and there. Depending on the type of content they produce, these vlogs can seem a bit informal and have a more casual and relaxed feeling to them.

When done correctly, a vlog can give you an inside look into the behind-the-scenes of an internet personality or a brand. You might see vlogs about the day in the life of a certain creator or a peek at the product creation process for a brand. 

If you have been wondering what are vlogs and how did they become so popular, this short and simple guide is for you. 

What Is a Vlog? 

A vlog is a type of video diary or blog. They are generally shot with a camera that is held at an arm’s length. Today, vlogs show peeks behind the scenes and other insider information you are not likely to see featured in any other content. 

What Was the First Vlog? 

The history of vlogging is interesting. In early 2000, a blogger by the name of Adam Kontras posted a video about his travels to his blog. This video blog post was the first known vlog to be posted online. 

How Vlogging Evolved

While the first vlogs were posted as blogs, today they have evolved into something else entirely. Vlogging is typically done on a streaming platform as a strategic part of a content strategy.

What Vlogging Is Used for Today?

While the first vlog was simply a video blog post, today, vlogs are more of a way to show an audience the life of a content creator or brand. You might see a day in the life of your favorite content creator, a packaging and mailing day for your favorite small business owner, and more. 

Tips for Starting a Vlog

If you are wondering how to start a vlog, there are a few tips you need to follow. First, make sure you understand the vlog format as they are typically part of a bigger content marketing strategy. Next, find your niche, determine your target audience, and make content that is interesting and engaging. 

What Is a Vlog? This Is All You Need to Know

What is a vlog? In a nutshell, a vlog is a video blog that shows the behind-the-scenes of a content creator or brand. 

The first vlog appeared in early 2000, and it was posted on a blog and not a streaming service. Since then, vlogs have evolved to what they are today. 

If starting a vlog is your goal, there are a few tips and tricks you need to follow. In short, vlogging can be a great way to engage and connect with your viewers.

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