6 Winter Vacation Ideas Your Family Will Love to Go On Again and Again

Want to have the best winter vacation of all time? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.  

When people think of winter, they usually don’t think of family vacations. But it’s actually a magical time of year that offers tons of exciting vacation possibilities. Hint: you can stay in a cold or a warm place! 

Keep reading to learn 6 of the best winter vacation ideas for families. 

1. Go Skiing 

If you’re looking for winter family vacations with snow, this one’s perfect for you.

Take your family to a local ski resort and spend a week on the slopes. And if you have little kids who have never skied before, you can either get them ski lessons or teach them yourself on the bunny hill! 

2. Tour a New City 

During wintertime, tourism slows down in a lot of cities. And luckily, this makes it less crowded and less expensive. On your trip, you can take a city tour, go to museums, and visit world-famous restaurants.

Some great US cities to explore are New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 

3. Rent a Cozy Cabin 

Doing a winter cabin rental is one of the best winter vacations during covid. It’s isolated from others but still a great way to get out of the house for a week.   

If you want to stay in, take advantage of cabin amenities like indoor pools and game rooms. But if you want to go out, take a hike or go to a local restaurant. 

4. Take a Warm Getaway 

If your family isn’t into chilly winter vacations, go somewhere warm! That way, you can escape the snow for a week and get some sun instead. 

Some great international destinations are Aruba, Cancun, and the Dominican Republic. But if you want to stay in the US, try visiting Maui, Charleston, or New Orleans.   

5. Visit a Winter Resort 

Find yourself a family-friendly resort that offers fun wintertime activities.

If you want to spend time outdoors, you could go ice skating or snow tubing. But if you’d prefer to stay warm, go to the spa, play board games, and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace.  

6. Have a Staycation 

If you’re looking for winter family vacations on a budget, have a fun family staycation. You can cook meals together, make a snowman, and watch some wintertime movies

And if you want to get out of the house, explore your area! Go to local places you usually wouldn’t like parks, shops, and museums.  

Did You Like Those Winter Vacation Ideas For Families? 

All of these winter vacation ideas are super fun and family-friendly. So whether you visit a ski resort or take a nice staycation, your family is sure to have a blast this winter. Now consult with your kids and pick your next vacation destination!  

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