7 Key Things You Should Know About Hiring an Escort

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Escorts make around $280.00 per hour. That staggering number is leading to substantial growth in this profession.

And guess what else? Despite that steep price tag, demand for escorts is way up!

Blame it on people being less happy or having more disposable income thanks to the global fall in joblessness.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re thinking about hiring an escort of your very own. We commend you on doing so and are sure that you’ll have a great time so long as you understand a few key things before actually going through the process.

Below are 7 key tips to keep in mind that’ll make your hiring an escort experience go smoothly.

1. Hiring an Escort Isn’t Illegal

If you’re sweating over the prospect of hiring an escort because you’re terrified that you’re going to get busted, stop sweating. In most of the developed world, hiring an escort is 100% legal.

Escorts are just women that you’re paying to spend time with you which is hardly a crime.

In many countries, the escort business is well-known, regulated and has very little if any stigma tied to it.

2. Escorts and Prostitutes Are Different

One of the main reasons why people assume that hiring an escort is illegal is because they conflate escorting with prostituting. These two things are very different and in their differences lies their legality.

When you hire an escort, you’re paying for a women’s company. If the woman you hire chooses on her own free will to take things further at the end of the evening, she’ll do so. If she doesn’t, she won’t.

At no time do escorts accept money for the promise of sex.

Prostitutes, on the other hand, do accept money for the promise of sex and thus, fall pray to laws that most areas have against selling sexual favors.

3. Women That Escort Are Smart Entrepreneurs

As we mentioned in this write-up’s intro, escorts make a lot of money. Heck, they probably make a lot more than you or anybody on our team.

Most escorts are not victims and they’re certainly not helpless. They’re savvy opportunists that don’t need your money but will take it and provide you with a great service if you treat them with respect.

4. Many Escorts Work Through Agencies

Depending on where you live, an escort might be hired out in different ways.

Some escorts market their services on their own through private websites or freelancing platforms. Others sell their services through agencies that work with a multitude of escorts. These agencies help escorts market themselves, accept payments in more streamlined ways and more.

In most cases, especially for first-time customers, you’ll want to hire your escort through a reputable agency to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

Not sure how to find an escort/agency? These great tips can help.

5. Prices of Escorts Vary Substantially

In almost all cases, escorts are private contractors. That means that, even if they’re working through an agency, they set their own rates.

In many areas where escorting is regulated, escorts setting their own prices is a legal requirement.

What that means is that every escort you talk to might have a different price. They also may be willing to negotiate their rate with you if things are slow or they’re extra-interested in having a good time.

If money is a concern of yours, feel free to shop around to see which escorts are offering the best deals on sharing their time with you.

6. Confidentially Is an Industry-Respected Right

Many people that hire escorts would rather that people not know that they’re seeing an escort. The reasons for that vary.

Maybe it’s stigma. Maybe it’s because the customer has another relationship. Maybe it’s because the customer wants to maintain the illusion that their escort is actually their girlfriend.

Whatever your reasoning is, escorts 100% respect their client’s confidentially. It’s paramount to them remaining in business and as such, you shouldn’t be worried about them spilling the beans on your activities.

Of course, there are always exceptions to rules. To limit your chances of being extorted by an amateur escort, always hire people that have great reputations and if possible, go through agencies that can vouch for an escort’s professionalism.

7. There Is an Escort for Everyone

People are diverse and to that end, have very diverse tastes.

Some people like old, others like young. Some love black and others like white.

Whatever your partnership preference is when working with an escort, know that the perfect person is out there for you. All you have to do is ask.

Agencies are helpful when it comes to finding the perfect escort for their customers so again, consider engaging with a reputable agency if you’re particular and need assistance finding the right partner.

Wrapping Up Key Things You Should Know About Hiring an Escort

Hiring an escort can be a daunting prospect for a lot of customers. By leaning on our tips above, you’ll make your transition and your experience a lot smoother.

Have fun with your escort and again, remember to always treat the people that you work with respectfully. The women you hire are not your property and if you treat them like the killer business people that they are, your evening is going to go a lot better.

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