A List of Awesome and Fun Summer Activities You Need to Try

When summertime rolls around, you may be full of fun, exciting, and adventurous ideas on how to spend these sweet, yet short summer months.

Or, maybe not.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of fun summer activities when work is piling up, or you have bored kids. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of summer activities you may not have heard of and might be eager to try!

Fun Summer Activities

Ready for fun? Let’s get started!

Summer Activities For Kids

When the kids are out of school, they look to parents for entertainment. Sometimes parents are clueless about how to make the most out of their children’s summer vacation. Here are some exciting activities to try!

Visit the Playground

A trip to the playground is easy and kids always love the chance to run around to grab some fresh air.

Some playgrounds even have splash pads on site. A splash pad is an area with jets or fountains of water designed for water play. Grab your suit, towels, sunscreen, and maybe even a picnic for lunch to make a day of it. 

Story Time at The Library

Summer days quickly can become too hot to spend time outdoors. Use your mornings or afternoons in the cool library soaking up stories and exploring picture books, encyclopedias, classics, chapter books, and more. Summer is also the perfect time to start teaching your kids to read if they’re ready!

Pick Your Own Fruit

Summer is a time that’s bursting with healthy fruits, and what better to reap the benefits of fruit that picking some at a local farm. Kids love picking fruit! Find an area to collect your own fruit and try your hand at canning for the winter. 

Movie Night Outside

While summer mornings and afternoons may bring scorching heat, the nights are cool enough to host a movie outside! Pick a family favorite movie, pop popcorn or other yummy snacks, grab some blankets for your lawn and set up a movie outside to project on an old bedsheet. Define Awesome also offers items to spice up your movie night.

Visit a Local Area You’ve Never Seen

Most likely there’s a part of your town you haven’t visited. It could be a historical site, park, museum, or someplace else. Taking the time to explore more parts of your city is always a fun and educational opportunity for the whole family! 

Summer Activities For Adults

Kids don’t get to have all the fun – adults need a break just as much as kids! Here is a list of summer ideas for adults to try.

Go Stargazing

Stargazing is a lost art. The best way to see as many stars as possible is in the country. Grab a blanket and head out away from the city lights at twilight to experience the full effect of the starry sky. 

Visit A Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are in full swing during the summer! Shop and see the abundance produce options and meet local farmers. Stock up on your favorites and experiment with new recipes that don’t use the oven and heat up your home. 

Host A BBQ With A Bonfire

If you’re not BBQing, is it even summer? This is a fantastic way to enjoy the company of family and friends. Cap the evening with a bonfire, songs, and smores that boasts good ol’ fashion summer fun. 

Take A Road Trip

Summertime isn’t complete without a road trip. Decide ahead of time where you want to go, or just hit the open road.  

Summer Activities: What Will You Choose? 

There’s an endless amount of things to do that summer offers. Summer only happens once a year, and many memories are made during this time. Take advantage of all the fun summer activities to make this summer the best and most memorable one ever!

Are you thinking about getting away this summer? Check out our page that covers several ideas on how to make your travel plans amazing! 

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