7 Tips to Renting a Private Jet for Traveling

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Private jets are a fantastic way to save time, travel in comfort, and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

There’s an array of private jet companies to rent from but you’re not 100% sure what to look for.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven great tips on renting a private jet.

Why Fly Private?

Before we discuss booking private aircraft, it’s important to consider the benefits of private jets.


Private jets can land in 5,000 airports dotted around the U.S whereas commercial flights can only land in 500. This means you’ll be far closer to your destination instead of having to take a lengthy cab when you land.

With a private jet, all you need to do is park near the plane, show your ID, and board. Whether it’s domestic or international, customs is far smoother than commercial flights.

Better Productivity

Not only do you have limits on luggage with commercial flights, but you risk sitting next to a bawling baby, a bickering couple, or a super talkative neighbor.

These distractions make it harder to accomplish anything compared to flying on a private jet alone or with a similar company.


The worst part of flying is the security, from TSA to having to explain anything that is flagged up on the machine.

Instead, private flyers can enjoy skipping the security checkpoints and heading straight to the aircraft for a quick and hassle-free process.

7 Tips on Renting a Private Jet

Before privately flying, you must understand the budget for private jets and how to find the right carrier for you. For instance:

1. Do Background Research

To find the best private jet rental company, consider their flying track record, in-flight amenities, and how smooth the journey is. Flying private is a luxury experience so apart from impressive meal choices, they should also be punctual and provide excellent customer service.

There should be a representative responsible for your trip who will ask questions so they know what’s important to you and tailor the flight to your needs.

They should also be accessible 24/7 if you need to change plans, make a request, or ask a question.  

2. Book Early 

Aim to book early so you get the best choice of aircraft especially if you’re flying during a peak period like the holidays or the Superbowl. 

Book one to two weeks in advance as it’s a first-come-first-serve industry so be organized. At this time, voice your needs so the private charter can help you.

For instance, if you have friends to pick up or are traveling with pets, let them know so they can accommodate your needs ahead of time.

3. Choose the Right Plane

There is a variety of aircraft to choose from so it’s important to decide which best suits your needs. Consider how far you need to travel, how many passengers you’re with, and the amount of luggage you have.

If you’re heading out for a weekend with friends, consider a light jet. Or if you’re going for a family winter holiday in the Caribbean, choose a super-midsize jet with enough cargo space so you have a comfortable ride. 

For those who need further information, here’s everything you need to know about private flying.

4. Create Your Own Schedule 

Choosing your own flying timetable is the true essence of flying private jets.

Make sure you can set your own schedule because there may be predetermined departure and arrival hours that conflict with yours. 

5. Consider Luggage Limits 

Ask your private air charter what the luggage allowance is. They may have limits depending on the size of the luggage compartment door or weight restrictions as it consumes more fuel.

The general recommendation is one average-size suitcase and one personal item per passenger. Use soft-sided bags when possible so your crew can squeeze in more luggage.

6. Go With the Best Value for Money

Even though a discounted trip is tempting, it isn’t always the best value for money.

Choosing a better aircraft is wiser as it affects the quality of your flight thanks to luxury interiors and comfortable chairs.

To save money, go with an aircraft with a shorter range as they’re less expensive to hire. You could also take two round trips instead of one so the plane stays with you the whole time, saving money on hangar time and crew accommodation.

Or skimp on a VIP catering service to cut the cost of the bill. And don’t be afraid to bring your own booze, it’s legal as long as it’s served by the flight crew.

7. Excellent Crew Reputation

Your safety is a top priority so choose a private jet rental company with experienced pilots and crew members. Pilots should have at least 5,000 hours of flight experience and be captain-qualified.

Both pilots should also attend simulator-based emergency training annually to keep you and other passengers safe.

Final Thoughts

Renting a private jet is a brilliant way to travel stress-free in the utmost luxury. It’s also convenient as you can reach your destination easier so you can fully relax.

When booking a private jet charter, voice any requirements like bringing pets and your schedule so you know they’re the right fit.

Also, consider the type of aircraft so you and other passengers have enough space to be comfortable. Safe travels!

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