5 Tokyo Landmarks You Shouldn’t Miss in Your Trip to Japan!

Are you planning on taking a trip to Tokyo, Japan soon?

If so, you’re probably wondering what to do while there. Tokyo is definitely a fascinating city, and if you’re only there for a short while, you want to make sure you take the time to see the city’s biggest landmarks. 

Which landmarks do you need to check out?

Read on to discover the top Tokyo landmarks you can’t miss on your trip to Japan. 

1. Imperial Palace 

One of the top landmarks to check out in Tokyo is undoubtedly the Imperial Palace

Located in the Marunouchi District, this palace is surrounded by beautiful parks, moats, and walls. The Imperial Palace is actually still in use by the Imperial family, with the first fortress being built in 1457. 

Leading to the interior of the Imperial Palace, you’ll find another very famous landmark, the Nijubashi Bridge. This bride is nicknamed the “double bridge” due to its reflection in the water. 

You can visit the Imperial Palace on your own, or you can take a tour of the area. You can get there by taxi, metro, or by taking the Tokyo Hop On Hop Off Bus

2. The Senso-Ji Temple 

Located in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, the Senso-Ji Temple is the city’s most famous shrine. The shrine stands at the end of a long street market that’s home to numerous vendors selling toys, carvings, kimonos, paper goods, and fabrics. 

The temple is dedicated to the Buddhist goddess of compassion, Kannon, and was built in the year 645. Despite having been rebuilt numerous times, the Senso-Ji Temple still retains its original appearance. 

If possible, we suggest visiting the temple during the daytime and nighttime, as you’ll have a completely different experience during the night with the lights and thinner crowds. 

3. Tokyo Skytree 

Another must-visit landmark is the Tokyo Skytree. 

Standing at 634 meters tall, it’s hard to miss this landmark from wherever you are in the city. Located in the Sumida district, this is the country’s tallest landmark, and also the world’s largest free-standing tower. Due to its incredibly panoramic views from its observation decks and restaurant, this is Tokyo’s one of most-visited landmarks. 

4. Kabuki-za Theater 

While Tokyo is home to plenty of beautiful theaters, none is more famous than the Kabuki-za Theater. Located in the Ginza district, this theater is home to many Kabuki performances

These are traditional song and dance performances that are based on burlesque and medieval elements. Thanks to the rich theatrics and visuals, these shows are relatively easy to follow along even for non-Japanese speakers. Performances tend to last for hours, and you can come and go as you please. 

5. Tokyo National Museum 

The Tokyo National Museum is home to over 100,000 important works of art from Japanese, Indian, and Chinese culture. 

The museum opened in 1938, and it contains many historical weapons, old textiles, historical clothing, Buddhist sculptures, lacquer carvings, and more. The Tokyo National Museum is also home to a traditional Japanese garden that contains three pavilions.

Tokyo Landmarks: Time to Visit 

Now that you know about the top Tokyo Landmarks, it’s time to plan your trip. Before you know it, you’ll be strolling through the Tokyo National Museum or the Senso-Ji Temple. 

Be sure to check back in with our blog to discover more travel-related tips and tricks. 


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