8 Gorgeous Window Treatment Trends for the Modern Home

window treatment trends

Are you looking for an easy way to update your home’s interior without breaking the bank?

Window treatments offer the perfect solution to boost the appeal of any room in your house, without costing a fortune.

In fact, window treatments won’t just add style to your home, they’ll save you money too.

Did you know that about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its’ windows? In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows turns into heat. Luckily, the easy installation of window treatments can reduce energy and cut the costs of heating and cooling your home.

Don’t know where to start?

Get inspired with 8 of our favorite modern window treatment trends!

8 Window Treatment Trends You’ll Love

Whether you favor elegant fabrics, modernized blinds, or budget DIY creations, you’ll love how these window treatments transform blah into beautiful.

1. Jewel-Toned Elegance

Vibrant jewel tone curtains are luxurious and elegant. Perfect for fall and winter, sophisticated jewel tones in colors like turquoise and amethyst can change the look of a room in no time.

Popularly paired with metallic hues, such as brushed bronze or platinum, this 2018 home design trend looks both modern and timeless at once.

Go one step further have curtains customized in a rich fabric, such as velvet.

Accessorize with just a few pillows. You won’t need to add much because these curtains create instant standalone glamour.

2. Make Rooms Pop With Funky Patterns

What’s a quick way to make any room pop?

Patterned window treatments give an otherwise boring room a lift.

Choose prints in colors that match the room’s d?cor. But, don’t be shy. Funky patterns are fresh and inviting.

Paisley, polka dots, or chevron prints might look busy in other places. But, when used to cover your windows, they add just the right amount of character to a bedroom dining room.

3. Small Spaces? Go Natural

In small spaces, it’s best to stick to organic, naturally beautiful materials and hues. Bamboo shades or flax-colored linen won’t overpower even the tiniest breakfast nook or entryway.

Not only are do these trends tend to be eco-friendly, they’re also some of the most popular styles used by today’s top interior designers.

4. Sheer Drapes are Breezy and Beautiful

Sheer drapes are a light and breezy addition to large, open rooms. They’re great to use when you have statement furniture pieces or floor coverings that already take center stage.

Elegant drapery styles make the most of sunny days but can be paired with blinds to block out winter’s chill.

Sheer drapes are a beautiful and traditional trend that looks great year-round. And, they go well with practically every theme and almost any color imaginable.

These drapes offer a sheer elegance that never go out of style.

5. Play it Safe With Motorized Blinds

Buyers and homeowners are going crazy over this latest window treatment trend to grace modern homes everywhere. Motorized blinds offer several advantages and can be customized with curtains or valances to change up a room’s look.

Smart technology allows you to remotely open and shut blinds to maximize energy use and keep any outside visitors at bay when you’re away.

Learn more about the latest high tech blinds for your home when you visit BBD’s website.

6. Dress Up Blinds With a Do-It-Yourself Valance

When you outfit your windows with motorized blinds, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Even plain, neutral-colored blinds look playful or posh when you couple with your own no-sew valance to match the mood you want to create.

It’s the perfect low-budget accessory to pair with blinds. Plus, windows can be updated throughout the year with minimal effort.

Cover in your choice of custom fabric. Then paint on monogrammed letters using a stencil or hot-glue ball fringe to the bottom border to make any room look fancy in an instant.

7. Lux Printed Roman Shades

Roman shades are a traditional favorite that look great in virtually every area of your home. Hearty fabrics and luxe gold or silver patterns make them even more appealing.

The latest window treatment trends feature decadent prints in shining colors for a classy look that’s quickly becoming an overnight sensation among the biggest interior designers in the industry.

8. Add Value and Style to Your Home With Indoor or Outdoor Shutters

Looking for a long-lasting window treatment that will complement traditional or modern home d?cor, while increasing your home’s market value?

Shutters are one of the most highly-sought investments that you can make to your home, and they are much more reasonable than performing a costly remodel. They look great when used both indoors and out. And, they can be painted to match interior or exterior theme colors.

Best of all, this class trend will actually boost your property’s resale potential. Shutters are also a sure way to increase the appraisal value of a house.

Get More Ideas to Update Your Home

In addition to these modern window treatment trends, there are many other ways to update your home using never-seen-before technological techniques.

Automated blinds are just one of the many home improvements making waves in the housing market. But, one recent trade show unveiled nearly 4,000 super cool home automation devices, ranging from smart blinds to smart plugs.

Want to find out how to boost your home’s mod-factor?

We can show you how to outfit your home using the ultimate futuristic technological furnishings.

Find out more in this post that lists the top seven cool home automation devices that you’ll want to check out next!

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