8 Things You Must Have If You’re Backpacking In Europe

In 2018, 713 million people took an international trip to Europe. 

One of the best ways to travel in Europe is to take a backpacking trip. You can save money on baggage on your flight, and you also won’t have to worry about hauling a bunch of your belongings across multiple countries. 

If you’re planning a backpacking in Europe trip, don’t go unprepared. Read our list of a few things you must have so you’re fully prepared.

1. Shirts

To start with the basics, you need to find some good shirts that you can fit into your backpack. 

What season you travel to Europe will largely determine what kind of shirts you should bring. If you’re going in the summer, grab some T-shirts regardless of your gender. 

A gray or white T-shirt can always be stylish, especially paired with some blue jeans or black pants. Bring about three to four T-shirts. 

For traveling in the fall and winter, make sure that you bring layers of clothes. The weather can change and be warm or cold (especially in the fall). Layering is the best way to keep yourself warm, but if it gets too hot, you can remove some layers to put them back in your backpack.

In addition to the basics, make sure that you pack at least one nice outfit. Maybe you’ll want to go out for a fancy night on the town, and having one outfit that’s nicer can really make all the difference. 

2. Portable Charger

While you’re traveling, you’ll probably want to take all kinds of pictures and videos to capture the memories to remember forever. 

While you’re traveling, you may not always have access to an outlet in order to recharge your phone or camera. If you have an external power bank that is already charged, you can use this to give your phone a little extra juice until you have time to charge it. 

If you have this, you may be ablet o save your phones and access Google Maps to find your way around. 

3. Shorts/Pants

In addition to shirts, you’ll also need to bring some shorts and pants. 

Again, depending on what season you travel in, you’ll need to pack accordingly. In the winter or fall, bring some warm pants and possibly even some thermals.

For the summertime, you need to bring some shorts and possibly a pair of lightweight pants. Jeans will be too hot when you’re walking around. 

4. Packing Cubes

If you’re only bringing a backpack on your trip to Europe, you also want to bring packing cubes to maximize the space in your backpack.

These cubes will also help to organize your backpack so that you aren’t taking everything out just to find one thing that fell to the bottom of your bag.

These packing cubes don’t weigh too much, and they come in all kinds of different sizes. Once you put your clothes in here, it’ll compress all of your items so that they don’t take up much space in your backpack. 

5. Backpack

When you go backpacking in Europe, you need to find the best backpack for work and travel

While you’re backpacking, you’ll need something reliable to hold all of your belongings, but you also want a backpack that is comfortable and won’t hurt your back while you’re hiking and exploring. 

When you’re looking for backpacks, consider getting a bigger one to hold all of your belongings since you won’t be bringing any luggage. However, you don’t want to get one that’s too big that it will make your back ache while you’re traveling with it. 

6. Outlet Adapter

In Europe, they have different outlets than in America. If you don’t bring an adapter, your port won’t work on the outlets. 

If you bring a universal plug adapter, you can plug that into the wall and then plug your devices into that. 

Try to find one that has multiple USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at once. 

7. Microfiber Towel

If you’re staying in a hotel, you’re most likely going to have access to towels. But if you’re staying in an Airbnb or hostel, you may not have any towels available to you.

It’s always a good idea to bring your own towel, but if you’re backpacking, you don’t have room for a full-sized towel. 

That’s why a microfiber towel is a perfect option for you. They dry really quickly, and you can pack them down really small to be able to fit into your backpack. 

8. European Sim Card

Lastly, bringing a European Sim card is also a great idea. When you travel to a different country, your cell phone’s data may not work while you’re over there.

If it does work, you may come home to a bunch of additional costs on your bill the next day. It also may be too slow to work. 

By getting a European Sim card, you’ll be able to operate on their networks, enjoying unlimited high-speed data. This is a lot cheaper than paying for roaming costs on your own cell phone bill.

Discover More About Backpacking in Europe

These are only a few things to pack when you’re going to be backpacking in Europe, but there are many more things to remember. 

Before you start packing, make sure that you make a list of everything you need so that you don’t forget anything. 

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