9 Compelling Reasons To Travel to Vietnam This Year

Tourism in Vietnam has skyrocketed from a mere 5 million tourists in 2010 to over 15 million in 2018! So, what makes Vietnam so special?

Well, it’s packed with culture, history, beaches, and amazing food. The country has also struck a perfect balance between being convenient for tourists and still feeling authentic.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn the undeniable reasons why you should travel to Vietnam this year.

1. It Has Diverse Landscapes

One of the best parts of Vietnam is the gorgeous scenery. With lush mountains, pristine beaches, and plenty of rice terraces, there is sure to be something for everyone here.

Vietnam is also home to Son Doong—a cave so large that it has its own localized weather system! Trekking this cave isn’t for beginners, but this is sure to be a bucket-list item for anyone who has a passion for nature and hiking.

For those who would prefer to relax, Vietnam is full of beautiful beaches. Unlike other popular destinations, the beaches here have not yet become overrun with tourists, so you can still soak up some sun without fighting through thick crowds.

2. There’s Tons to Do

Vietnam has so much to offer. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving, or windsurfing on the beaches or spend your days hiking and biking in the mountains.

If you prefer to stay in a city, you can listen to live music, shop at a local market, watch traditional dance shows, or even take a cooking class. This helpful article lists some of the best things to do to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

3. It’s Packed with History

If you want to learn more about the local history, you’re in luck! Most of the popular cities have museums and historical sites that are easy to visit.

The War Remnants Museum in Saigon is a must. You can see the Cu Chi war tunnels, real war planes, and other historical artifacts to learn about the Vietnam War from Vietnam’s perspective.

The Imperial City is another popular historical site. Here, you’ll find the elaborate tombs of former emperors as well as the Imperial Citadel, where they would have stayed during their lifetime.

4. Luxury Accommodations Are Popping Up

In the past, Thailand and Bali have been the go-to destinations in Southeast Asia. While they’re still very popular, more and more people are realizing how wonderful Vietnam is.

Because of this, luxury accommodations are starting to pop up. Traveling in 2019 means you can enjoy all the conveniences of back home instead of worrying that your bed will be uncomfortable or your shower won’t have good water pressure.

You can even find luxury villas by the beach which come complete with big pools and private butlers! Of course, there are also hostels and budget hotels if you prefer a cheaper or more authentic experience.

5. It’s Travel-Friendly

Before Vietnam became a popular tourist destination, you may have worried about the logistics of traveling there.

Would people speak English? How would you book tours while there? Would you be able to read the menus at restaurants?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about any of this anymore. English is widely spoken around popular tourist cities and sites, restaurants come equipped with English menus, and there are plenty of tour agencies that have English-speaking guides.

Booking tours while on vacation, asking for directions, talking to shop owners, and catching a taxi are all easier than ever, making Vietnam a very convenient destination to travel to.

6. You Can Still Experience Authentic Culture

Despite the increase in tourism, Vietnam hasn’t lost its authenticity. In the cities, you can find locals running shops, restaurants, and street food stalls—all still serving authentic cuisine! If you’d prefer to travel in the countryside, you’ll likely come across hardworking farmers and real rice terraces.

There are also many activities that center around culture, like shopping at a local market, seeing a water puppet show, or taking a cooking class. Whether you choose to do these things or not, you’ll still feel like you’re experiencing the real Vietnam instead of a version designed to please tourists.

7. It’s Affordable

Southeast Asia is known for being budget-friendly. And Vietnam is no exception!

You can still find meals for as low as $2 and hotels for under $25 per night. This makes Vietnam more affordable than other popular destinations in Southeast Asia, like Thailand. Your money will go further here, so you can extend your trip or splurge on nice meals, tours, souvenirs, and hotels.

8. You Can Try Some Authentic Pho

Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup, is becoming increasingly popular in America. While you can get a good bowl of pho in the U.S., it doesn’t compare to trying it in Vietnam!

Of course, pho isn’t the only must-try food here. Spring rolls, fresh seafood, and banh mi (a sandwich made with a baguette) are also popular options.

9. It’s in an Ideal Location

Are you planning an extended vacation? Not only is there plenty to do in Vietnam, but there are also tons of wonderful destinations surrounding it.

If you want to go on a multi-country trip, Vietnam is the perfect starting point. You could travel through Cambodia and/or Laos before reaching Thailand.

The northern-most point of Vietnam borders China, making this another possibility to add to your itinerary. Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines are also just a short boat or plane ride away.

Why You Should Travel to Vietnam

If you’re looking for an authentic experience while still being able to enjoy the conveniences of modern hotels and English-speaking tour guides, you can’t go wrong with Vietnam. From intricate cave systems and beautiful beaches to delicious food and nearby countries, there are many reasons why you should travel to Vietnam in 2019.

Do you want some valuable tips to help your trip go off without a hitch? Then check out the rest of our travel blog page today!

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