A List of the Best Sex Toys to Use with Your Significant Other

Close up of a sexy couple kissing and playing in bed

According to statistics, there has been a 1.7% increase in adult stores since 2014. And while this study may catch you by surprise, it’s safe to say this number is only looking to go up as time goes by.

The increase of the adult stores primarily lies on the sex toys it sells. From vibrators to dildos, it is the best place for even the kinkiest of fantasies.

It’s no secret. Using sex toys can be a great way to turn things hot in the bedroom. Here is a list of the best sex toys in the market.

1. Magic Wand

First on our list is going to the magic wand. Just when you thought a regular vibrator was sufficient, the magic want will blow you away. If you’re into a dominatrix relationship, this is the perfect toy for you to use.

Not only is it able to vibrate at your pace, but you are able to start and stop it whenever you would like. 

2. Bullet Vibrator

Next on the ultimate list of best sex toys is the bullet vibrator. The great part of this specific sex toy is the size. While it may be small, the bullet is able to fit in most places. 

In addition, some bullets come with remote controls. So while you’re enjoying a date night with your partner, you are able to control the different settings in secret between you and your partner.

3. Sex Therapy Kits

If you haven’t tried a sex therapy kit, you are missing out!

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t like to be catered after a hard, long day of work? Fortunately, a sex therapy kit is perfect for those who want to serve their partner. From hot oil to edible candy, this is the ideal kit for the passionate couple.

4. Cock Rings

We couldn’t get through the ultimate list of best sex toys without listing cock rings for men. Also known as a penis sleeve, these rings are created to increase male sexual pleasure.

Cock rings range from simple to complex. While some are waterproof, others are able to be controlled via a phone app. 

5. Butt Plug

Last, but not least the infamous butt plugs have made our list. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, butt plugs add loads of fun to the bedroom! Because they come in different sizes, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable! Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

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