Amazing Tricks and Tips for Your Wireless Apple Airpods

Yes, you look super cool with your Apple Airpods, but you could be even cooler if you knew all of the AirPod tricks. Those who have multiple Apple products can get the most out of their AirPods.

Apple has released yet another version of their very successful AirPods, the Airpods Pro. Before you can learn all of the tricks, it is important to understand the difference between the two versions.

AirPods Versus AirPods Pro

There are three different generations of Apple AirPods. The first two sharing the general name of AirPods and the last being called AirPods Pro. 

The second and third versions of the AirPods are the best because they both have a more powerful H1 chip. This means they have a faster connection to other Apple devices. But, AirPods can connect to non-Apple devices, such as Androids.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the third generation and the others is the noise cancellation. The H1 in the Apple AirPods Pro covers 10 audio cores, creating a low audio processing latency. Compared to the first version, both version number two and three ensure 30% lower gaming latency.

The third generation is also different because they are sweat and water-resistant. This is one of the best AirPods features because they can be used in a workout environment without any worry.

No matter what version of AirPods you have, there are tips and tricks to learn. Here are the top tips and tricks you should know if you own Apple AirPods:

Connect To Other Apple Devices

The luxury of having Apple AirPods is that you can easily connect them to all of your other Apple devices. AirPods will automatically connect to any iOS device registered to your Apple ID once they are connected to your phone. 

To connect to your phone, open the lid on the AirPods case and hold the button on the back. Make sure your phone and your AirPods are next to each other. The AirPods should come up at the bottom of your iPhone screen.

Once you see the message pop up at the bottom, open your iPhone and press connect. This method can also work for an iPad. The third-generation models, the AirPods Pro, will require an extra step. 

For Airpods Pro, you have to do the Ear Tip Fit Test. This test only takes a few seconds. It will determine if you have a good fit and if you don’t, you should try a different silicone tip that is included. 

Your Apple AirPods can be connected to all your Apple devices including your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook. They can also be connected to Android and PC devices. 

Use One AirPod

Using one Airpod at a time can increase the life of your AirPods in a given sitting. The earlier AirPods and AirPods Pro offer a certain amount of talk time and listening time. 

You can wear both AirPods or just one AirPod at a time. If you have a lot of phone calls throughout the day, using one AirPod at a time could save you battery life. Wear one at a time and switch them when you hear the warning beep for battery life. One can charge while you are using the other. 

Force Touch Sensor

The AirPods Pro has a force touch sensor. This sensor, instead of being a tap, needs a squeeze. On the earlier generations, you could tap the AirPods when you need something.

On the AirPods Pro, you squeeze to play audio, pause audio and skip tracks. To go back to a previous track, you must squeeze the force touch sensor three times.

Change Modes

The AirPods Pro has two modes, the active noise cancellation, and transparency modes. A transparency mode means the mode where you can hear the environment you’re in.

You can change between these modes on your AirPods. To quickly do so, push and hold the force touch sensor on your AirPods Pro. 

You can also do this from your connected iPhone. Swipe down from the top right of your iPhone’s home screen. This will pull up the control center that will show an option to change the mode of your AirPods.


Siri has been a part of the Apple community for a long time now. You can launch this helping hand easily on all generations of the AirPods.

To launch Siri on the first generation, double-tap either AirPod. Siri will pop up on your iPhone or tablet.

The second and third generation works the same when it comes to Siri. To launch, all you have to say is “Hey Siri”. The latest software is required to be able to work with this feature.

You can ask Siri a list of things from your AirPods. From asking about the battery life to playing your favorite playlist to turning up the volume. Siri can be helpful with a lot of things on AirPods.

Caller ID

No one likes to be bothered by a phone call when listening to their favorite tunes with their Apple AirPods, but it happens. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know who is calling without checking your phone? Well, you can!

Your AirPods can be set to announce who is calling you so you don’t have to reach for your phone. You can enable your AirPods to announce calls by going to the settings on your phone. Go to Settings > Phone > Announce calls > Select Headphones Only or Headphone & Car.

Make Use of AirPod Tricks

AirPods can do so much more than just provide you with volume. You can connect to your favorite devices and use elements from your iPhone. You can make use of these AirPod tricks as an Apple AirPods owner.

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